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    I just rec'd a call from up north where my land is located, and there has been a lot of people up there recently, looking at land to buy. Today a "convoy" of a number of 4wd trucks and people ( 8), pulling trailers with ATV's, came thru asking for directions. We know exactly where they were looking and heading as they had a map with the lot numbers circled in red.
    According to the man they asked directions from, the men all appeared to be in their early 50's, and looked to be ex-military types.
    I called a realtor up north and she informed me that her phone has been ringing off the hook the past 2 weeks, and she is now handling at least 30 or more sales of land from the Williams area to AshFork and Seligman, in Arizona. There are at least 12 realtors in those 3 areas alone, not to mention all those in Flagstaff, Prescott, Chino, Paulden, all the way to Kingman. It looks like there has been a dramatic increase, all in a short period of time, of people looking to get out of dodge as it were.
    I am serioulsy considering selling my place on the side of a mountain outside of AshFork, and relocating further west and north.
    Bill in Phoenix
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    Yep we have a section up by Vernon and it is shocking how many are moving in up there, we thought we would be away from it all on range land - but we are seeing more and more wells going in.
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    It took my wife and i about 3 years to gets our garden up to speed where it would feed us. These new folks better get going.
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