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    I found these and wanted to share. Love military surplus great quality for the price. whats your favorite military surplus gear/ clothing?


    German Flectarn Parka

    Austrian Parka
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    I try not to get too attached to any particular thing because surplus, by default, is limited availability. You kind of have to work with what you can find.

    Just today I stopped at two surplus stores to look for a belt pouch for my EDC stuff. I could not find anything that excited me. I had to settle for something that is not ideal but it's what they had so I bought it anyway ($16) and will deal with it.

    I didn't set out to buy a backpack today either, but they had one I really, really liked. It was in the wrong color, and for $110 I'm not going to settle. I took a pass. I may end up buying one off Amazon.
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    dont waste money
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    On off shore surplus, you need to watch the shipping. The new UK gear is great, but if you purchase let the seller know he needs to break the package up into small lots. Small lots come air mail and pretty cheap. Pack the same in a single package and it will come "slow boat" and it will cost at least 4 times as much.

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    shipping will always get you
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    DSC00252.JPG -- I like these old military leather magazine pouches I found at Sportsmansguide for just a couple bucks each. I believe they came in a pack of 4. They were a bit musty and obviously kept in storage for a very long time, since the second world war I imagine. With a little bit of work, they are quite nice! I use them for tinder pouches and carry with my field kit for bushcraft and hiking. See the additional pictures attached for more.

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    nice find
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