Inflation: Even the new zinc pennies are no longer worthless

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    You've always heard that the new 97% zinc pennies are worthless. They probably were when they first came out but thanks to Helicopter Ben that's no longer true.

    According to coinflation, post-1982 zinc pennies are currently worth 51% of their face value:
    1982-2012 Lincoln Zinc Penny Melt Value - Coinflation

    That value reached somewhere around 100% back in 2007:
    Kitco - Spot Zinc Historical Charts and Graphs - Zinc charts - Industrial metals

    If you buy large quantities of unsorted pennies, no matter what happens you cannot lose:

    • In a hyperinflation scenario their value will quickly go over 100%. Could go up many thousands of times, as happened in Zimbabwe.
    • Sometimes in hyperinflation the dollar bills will get devalued but the coins stay as they are.
    • In a deflation scenario the relative face value will go up.
    • In a "life as usual" scenario you can cash them back in for dollars.
    • Approximately 25% of those will be more-valuable copper pennies (currently worth 250% of face value).
    • And large boxes of pennies make a nice bullet-resistant wall:
      Odds And Ends That You Won't Want To Be Without, by Sonny Jim -

    No matter how you look at it, obtaining large quantities of unsorted pennies is a win-win -- and you don't have to sort out the copper pennies.
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    Yes but hyper inflation means you will need more pennies to pay for something.

    and at approx. 200 pennies per pound, erm, that is not going to be convenient.

    1# zinc ~0.88 FRNs
    1# copper pennies ~ 3.66 FRNs (little less than 2.00 face)
    1# Nickel ~ 7.72 FRNs (~ 4.25 face value)
    1# silver ~ 411.00 FRNs
    1# gold ~ 22721.00 FRNs

    I think I'll take a different tact when carrying metal as a hedge against inflation.
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    That's true, but this was addressed to those out there who collect pre-1982 copper pennies for their melt value.
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    they might be small enough to tape into a 12 gauge slug if you reload, or at least tape them together for wrist rocket ammo. The idea for using it as bullet proof wall lining is interesting.
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