Interesting 'solar heating' solution....

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    The guy is a Newfie, and most of the installations are in cold weather areas. Most of the pix show vertical installations, but there are a couple shown on pitched roof, and one that I noticed mounted on a frame above a house trailer roof. The idea is sound, but the economics (for me) are still up in the air (pun intended) and it remains to be seen how much fuel they would save, or how long payback would take.
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    My partner and I are working a buy deal for a lot of these units as we speak. They work well as long as the sun is shiinning on them. But NOT at night. However, if you are in cold country as I am then the amount of fuel saved during the day will really add up for you in no time.
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    Opinions on this please for a more tropical location, How to make a difference - Cliimate Change and energy - How to make a solar water heater from plastic bottles - The Ecologist, “'Being 59 years old, I have had the opportunity to witness the technological advances of science, which improved food storage. But nowadays, some packaging weighs almost the same than the food itself! Years ago, my wife and I realised that we were not prepared for this new form of consumption.' Using his basic knowledge on solar water heating systems, he and his wife built an alternative version using 100 plastic bottles and 100 milk cartons. 'It worked perfectly well, and we got rid of our waste in a responsible way,' he says.”
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