Is Eating Freeze Dried Food Good or Bad for You (I eat 6-8 Freeze Dried Meals Each Month)

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by ED GEiN, May 1, 2017.

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    In my effort to store up on Survival Food besides stuff that can last 1-2 years like spaghetti and other dry goods, I also started to store up on freeze dried food that can last 8-25 years. I discovered, this is my unsolicited endorsement, that I loved Campfire Meals Chilli with Rice and Beans and Campfire Meals Barbecue Beef and Rice so much so that I now eat 6-8 of these freeze dried meals a month.
    I'm posting to find out if eating Freeze Dried Food regularly (6-8 times a month) is good or bad for you health wise. As I just cook spaghetti, Freeze Dried Meals like Campfire are perfect for me as they just take 10 minutes and require only a cup of hot water and are under $10. Appreciate your input.
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    This is one of those questions i dont think anyone can answer definitively.

    Im going to step back and take a big picture over view of food and pershaps this will help

    The body needs enzymes to process food, some of those enzymes you get from fermented foods and other 'live' foods (i hate that term but its the best i have available atm) you can ferment almost anything but freeze dried isnt 'alive enough' to ferment in the short term so for ultimate health I would figure out how to have some fresh vegetables and do some simple fermenting.

    Freeze dried is great in a short term situation but long term its not in my storage.
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    My short answer would be that there is no issue eating Freeze Dried Food regularly (6-8 times a month). A lot of the back-country hiking community does it a heck of a lot more often than that. You eat what you bring with you.... and forage along the way for stuff to supplement your diet and extend your food supplies.

    I would suggest that if you have a known medical issue, consult your doctor for advice. ;)
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