Is it the normalcy bias?

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    Like probably most of you I've been keeping up with Hurricane Dorian as it makes its way towards landfall in Florida. I have close friends in South Florida who now appear to be in Dorian's crosshairs. Only one is fully prepared. The others? They will be some of those seen standing in a sweltering parking lot in long lines to get free ice and bottled water and asking when the government is going to get the power back on. Photos just today of empty store shelves, dry fuel pumps, and stories of people fighting over a last case of bottled water is more evidence of this thing often called "Normalcy Bias"... nothing bad is really going to happen to me and/or I'll worry about it should it happen type mentality. How anyone can reside in an area prone to natural or manmade disasters and not be able to sustain themselves for a minimum of a few days, especially when advance notice is given in the case of a hurricane, is beyond me. Its not just hurricane preparedness. I see it all the time or hear it in comments made by friends and acquaintances.

    My state is a "shall issue" state and just about everyone I know has applied for and received a CCW. OK, good, right? But they never carry! I think just having the permit is like some trophy to them but the idea of ever actually USING it never occurs to them. Maybe thats a good thing if they don't train. When I ask why they never carry I often am told, "Oh, if I think I'll go someplace where I might need it, I'll carry it then". You mean like school, shopping, traveling, going to a crowded event, even going to church? Nowadays you may need it anytime you leave your house or even answer the door!
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    yes, that is normalcy bias at work
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    I have been a CCW Permittee for 4 Decades, but only spent the first two Decades in a Big City in that State... After that we moved to the bush of Alaska, which is a Constitutional Carry State.. We keep them current in our former State, because we visit that State, when we head down to the FlatLands, where our 2006 White Toyota 4X4 Pickup is stored, and is our FlatLands ride... We get Range time often, as our Range is right out the front door of the cabin.. We do not carry around our place in Alaska, except when an unruly Bear is in the neighborhood.... We do carry in the Truck, ALWAYS, but rarely Carry on our person, even if we have reciprocity, in the State we are in.... When in the FlatLands, our truck is our home...It would be a rarity, to be in a situation where access to our Carry Weapon, would be needed faster than the time it takes to retrieve it from it’s location in the Truck...
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    Shortened to Stupidity.
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    My state is also a Constitutional Carry state and sometimes you do see folks 'open' carrying. I have a Enhanced Concealed Carry permit which gives me the right to carry in reciprocal 38 states. I mainly got it cause sometimes I must travel to Spokane, WA and that city is getting worse by the day so... Now, where I live, in small town in Northern Idaho, we truly don't have the crime - I mean it - there is very little crime here mainly , and I am positive of this, it's because everyone has firearms and they know each other. There is so little crime, that sometimes I don't carry, especially when I know I got to run around loading stuff or etc...I just don't. But, like @BTPost I have it in the vehicle and I always carry when I go to Spokane. I know, it's wrong but...that's the way it is.
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    The liberal assholes rule my closest city. There are signs everywhere about gunfree zones. These people are Nucking Futs! I usually carry among them in the city itself and on rare occasions will strip my ccw and lock it in my car when I enter one of these Idiot meeting places (such as Shand's UF Hospital). I feel naked and hate been stripped and exposed in these places with their over paid union (no) security guards, fat old, minority hires, who most likely will be easily eliminated cowering targets by any real viable threat. However, it is an almost guaranteed felony bust and prosecution if caught armed in/on such premises. I am no big fan of going to the city!
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    @tacmotusn " I am no big fan of going to the city!"
    Me either! I hate it! I even don't like going into the small city which we go to purchase groceries and etc. even though it truly is quite safe. I just no longer want to be there and can't wait to leave and it is a city of only 50,000 with no more than another 50,000 in the two adjoining cities total. Come to think of it, I have never seen a 'gun free' sign anywhere in these cities. Even at stores like Costco which has a gun free policy, there is no sign and I think that is on done purpose and for a good reason.

    I had my fill of big cities and been to enough of them all over the world and they are all the same with dirt, rude people, crime and smell. No thanks! I cannot imagine going to London these days even though I love all the museums. shows and sights, simply too dangerous and one can't even carry a knife now.
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    I've seen those weinny no firearms allowed at at few places in the big city....Problem is...the have no force of law...So at the very least if your caught with a pistol and asked to leave...then leave..If not you can be charged with trespassing..
    Now.Gov buildings,courthouse's places like that are covered by the law....
    Places like Wally world,Costco,Target,theaters are not...So Keep in concealed and one should be okay!
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    In Tennessee, it has to be in specific signage on entry doors or it has no force of law. As Gator says, most they can do is ask you to leave. Personally, I carry everywhere there isn't a metal detector to go thru, signage or not. Push ever comes to shove and I have to use it, I'll take juryof 12 over being carried in a coffin by 6 any day.
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    Likewise in PA. I carry until asked to leave, and most of the time, they have no clue. Had one incident where a short bungwit with a Napoleon complex got up in my face and screeched to get out! Well, I was already on the way out, so no particular harm done to me or my business. Later he got a reaming for the assault and no signage. The corporate lawyer pointed it out to him, but that was a year ago, and the place is still not posted. I'm considering tempting fate on that yahoo again ---
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    Do like the libtard SJWs do, have a buddy with you to video any altercation. If the fool assaults you, you have proof. And put the video on every gun forum, to cost him business.
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    Something I don't understand about places that post "No firearms".....seems like legally, THEY now take on the responsibility for their customers, since they have denied them the right of self defense. Sure, it's a long shot you'd be killed or injured, but if it happened, seems like they would be liable for your fate since they denied you the ability to defend. WHY would they do that ? Why would their legal advisors let them ? Since it's a well established point the police have no duty to protect a particular individual, whose duty is it ?
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    I am awaiting seeing exactly that scenario result in a court case. Be interesting to see how it plays out.
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    Louisiana is as open carry state, I've seen it a few times here. Its not hard to get a CC here either. Do keep a revolver in the truck in case trouble finds me!
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    44 I hope...No need to answer.
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    357 Magnum.
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