Is survival a four-letter word?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by JDKinman, May 7, 2012.

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    I was in a discussion the other day with someone who was pure city-born, city-educated, and city-stupid. The discussion entered the realm of Hank Williams, Jr's song, A Country Boy Can Survive.

    The city-boy claimed that it was far more difficult to "survive" in the big city than it was the country or wilderness.

    After I quit laughing, or tried to at least, I offered to correct his thinking with an actual "field trial." Me and this misinformed citiot are both in our late 40's/early 50's (I'm the older one) and other than both living in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro-madness area, have little else in common.

    I'm extremely pro-gun. He's never seen the need to own a gun.

    I'm pro-Bill of Rights. He insists the Constitution is a living document subject to incessant interpretation.

    I'm a military veteran. He thinks the military is too large and that machines and satellites can do what most of us did.

    I'm former law enforcement (federal) and think that we have way too many cops and that their powers are expanding at a frightening rate. He thinks we need more cops and that they should have more authority.

    Etc etc.

    No, we're not friends. Accidental acquaintances is a better description.

    I offered to fund and finance a one-month experiment to prove him wrong. We could find a disinterested third party to find any city of over one-million people in the U.S. as one proving ground, and another disinterested third-party to find a remote "wild" area for the other.

    One month in the city. Two weeks in the wild--be it desert, forest, plains, mountains, and no matter the season. We get dropped off with nothing more than the clothes on our back, one handgun of our choice with two magazines or speedloaders of additional ammunition, one knife of our choice and a rudimentary first aid kit.

    First words out of his mouth were "No cell phone? That's not really fair or realistic."

    I directed him to this forum for some education. Figured I'd been lurking and reading over here long enough it was high time I joined.

    Survival encompasses a lot of areas, and not just in remote "wilderness" locales. I recently had a novel published, Above Reproach, that is unabashedly pro-Second Amendment and there are two upcoming novels in the next twelve months that I will be exploring other areas of not just the Second Amendment, but of our ability to "survive" in circumstances not of our own making.

    And not just survive, but thrive.

    I think it's a given that with our present political trainwreck, it's up to individuals to once again forge the foundations of what success and happiness is in this country.

    Too many people think "survival" means barely eeking out day to day, growing more famished or sick or unshaven or unclean with each passing week and that death or insanity is just a matter of time. Death is, but nothing else.

    Survival to me is a state of mind that you transfer into a state of being. It's not a four-letter word.

    My apologies for a long-winded intro, but I'm kind of tired of the negative connotations some have associated with the concept of "survival."

    I reckon I'll still do a lot more lurking here than writing, but I'll continue to enjoy the wisdom and experience gained here.

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    Welcome to the forum... pull up a limb and enjoy... :D
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    Eastern North Carolina, eh? We did some time in Rocky Mount back in '94/'95. Sure enjoyed being a few hours away from the Outer Banks, although I liked Beaufort better than just about anywhere else on the NC coast.

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    I spent some time out your way... in DFW and San Antoino...​
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    Welcome JD,please enjoy yourself and feel free to contribute!
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    Survivalism became a dirty word....Then came the word preppers....
    It will never end! Trying to describe the meanings are hard enough...but trying to explain it to others is really exhausting!
  7. Tracy

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    To answer your thread-titled question directly: Yes. It is a four-letter word.
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    Actually it's two four letter words. They are "work" and "live".
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    Agree 100%.

    I've never understood why survivalists get/got/have bad reps. . .

    When I was a kid, I was in Boy Scouts like most of the other boys in my neighborhood or at the church. We learned camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, orienteering, first aid. . . lots of stuff.

    When some big city kid would move to our town and join our troop, it was always an eye-opener for him on those first few camping trips. I was always surprised at teenagers that didn't even know how to start or build a good fire, let alone how to set up a tent . . . let alone how to make an impromptu shelter with just what Ma Nature supplied you.

    What in the world is wrong with wanting to be self-sufficient and independent?

    Not a thing.

    WORK and LIVE. Yes, sir. I believe that nails it.

  10. ghrit

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    "Survivalism" became politically incorrect when that idiot in Montana came out of the woods and got demonized as a survivalist.
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    Which one, Ghrit? there have been a few..... and none of them had an elevator that went clear to the Top Floor.... .... YMMV....[peep]
  12. ghrit

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    Teddy is the one I had in mind ---. Every lake in MT has loons in it.
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    Is that a 182 or a 172 in your avatar?

    I drive a 172 around the lower 48, mainly east of I-25. It takes more reproductive genitalia than I have to brave Alaska's flying conditions. . .

  14. BTPost

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    It is a 172... and is now on Amphib's, with a new owner, as the Old Owner, when the picture was taken, died a few years back, in a crash up on the Brooks Range, while On a hunting trip.
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    Eastern NC is for bush pilot, Fayettnam rules.
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    There are many around that have been actively working in this lifestyle longer than I have and there are many that have been for less time. These are just a few thoughts on the subject from yours truly. If you are not mainstream you are going to be looked upon as different and many times wrong or in a negative manner. It might be redneck, hillbilly, loner, survivalist, prepper, hoarder,etc. that list goes on forever. Do not allow the thoughts of others to put a negative spin on what we do. When the SHTF we know that we will be ready for it more than they will. No matter what that scenario might be that you believe will happen we will be on the high road looking down on those that thought what we do is stupid, dumb, idiotic, or just not in style. Good to meet you folks and keep your heads up and your muskets clean.
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    Survivalist got smeared with the same brush as militia and patriot, at the same time, for the same reason and by the same people; the Clinton's.
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    Well, I'm a survivalist who holds a corporate job.
    I'm a patriot because I follow the original intent of our country at its birth.
    I was involved with several militias over the years, namely in E TN and KY.
    I carry while attending church.

    I suppose I'm as dirty as they come although my wife has granite counter tops....
  19. BTPost

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    and she smiles every time she looks at them......:D I bet....
  20. melbo

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    Actually, as nasty-dirty-filthy-4 letter word as I am, she smiles when she looks at me. I guess I should have mentioned 'Supportive of Family Values, Love and God" in the above list of crimes.
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