It’s going to be a disaster- eclipse traffic

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    TACOMA, Wash. – Drivers heading into Oregon for Monday’s eclipse are already finding big-time traffic jams.

    Oregon State Police reported traffic back-ups more than 15 miles long on Thursday.

    In Washington, state troopers said eclipse travel traffic is expected to get heavy starting Friday.

    Eclipse travelers from Idaho and Canada have already hit the road, police said. That means transportation officials are bracing for a busier-than-normal weekend.

    “We really don’t know what to expect,” said WSDOT’s Harmony Weinberg, “We haven’t had this in many, many years.”

    Eclipse traffic concerns
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    Officials said those not making a pilgrimage to Oregon should expect back-ups in the Puget Sound region too.

    “You could be inundated with a lot more vehicles,” said Weinberg.

    “It’s going to be a disaster with traffic,” said WSP Trooper Shaneka Phillips.

    The state patrol has beefed up its staff through the weekend to handle the extra travelers.

    Police are reminding drivers to make sure they’re ready before hitting the road.

    First, make sure your car is ready for the road – have a mechanic complete an inspection and make sure your gas tank is full.

    Also bring extra water, food and activities in the car if drivers get stuck in longer than normal back-ups.

    And, don’t rely on your cellphone for navigation – bring paper maps if for some reason your navigation device doesn’t work right.

    Lastly - don’t rush, plan to be behind the wheel for longer than usual.

    Plus, if you are plan is to leave Oregon on Monday night, troopers suggest you might want to delay your trip back to Washington.

    “We encourage people to stay a bit longer if you’re going to be staying out of town,” Phillips said.

    Troopers also want to make sure people don’t pull over onto the shoulder to look at the eclipse because first responders are going to need all the room they can get if there’s an emergency.

    Also, parking a hot car on top of dry grass or brush poses a wildfire danger.

    ‘It’s going to be a disaster’: WSP bracing for weekend eclipse traffic

    Lots of lessons to be learned....mass evacuation from a region would be similar to the issues coming this weekend for the eclipse traffic.
  2. Dunerunner

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    Time to plant a Fake News story that the Eclipse could cause a Cascadian fault earthquake and 100 foot Tsunami... :cautious::censored:
  3. BTPost

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    I was thinking, "The Eclipse will cause a MASSIVE Grid Failure, because all the SOLAR Grid-Tied Systems will go Off-Line, All the Street Lights will come On, and overload the Grid...". [peep]
    My plan is to watch it all happen on CNN, and then take a walk outside, for an Hour, and see what happens...[lolol]
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  4. Mountainman

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    They failed to mention the possibility of blind and half blind driver on the road afterwards that did not view the eclipse properly.
  5. ED GEiN

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    I refuse to look at this ellipse because I'm convinced probably from reading too many comic books and reading and watching Sci-Fi, that people are going to be blinded and maybe a lot more. Rather safe than sorry I always say.
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    Just walk around with your welding helmet on. I wonder if the auto darkening helmets will work for the eclipse ?
  7. snake6264

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    Rise of the Zombies I'm sure
    I'll be in the bunker and watch it on TV
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    Will all those people there cause it to tip over into the ocean?? Think I'll stay here in TX just to be safe.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    I refuse to join the lemming train to see a simple natural phenomenon. I will stay home and read the reports online.
  10. Imasham

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    My family and I are leaving tomorrow morning for our seven hour drive to our hotel in Idaho. We're really excited! We booked our hotel rooms a year ago and finally our adventure is ready to start. To get into the spirit of things we even had family T-shirts made up for the event.
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  11. 3M-TA3

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    Oregon has already seen gasoline outages in some parts as well as traffic issues already. There have even been issues with some stores running low on food. It's a good exercise in what to expect if there was an emergency of some kind. I mentioned to my wife that if it's getting bad over extra tourists, what do you think would happen if it was Cascadia, a large earthquake, volcano, etc? Usually when I talk to her about preps and what if she hears the adult voices from "Charlie Brown": "Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah...". All of the sudden I hear her remind me "The stores normally only carry three days of food".
  12. Gator 45/70

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    Eclipse? I don't know anyone who drives one.
  13. Tully Mars

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    I'll step outside at the right time with my welding hood on and watch it then go back into the AC. Supposed to be something like a 92% eclipse down here.
  14. ghrit

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    Just to be on the safe side, check your shield density, some are not dark enough for the sun.
  15. Seepalaces

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    We heard that many of our local stores had bare shelves yesterday, and all I could think was, "Who's the idiot who waited until today to shop?" Husband gave me a giant smooch when he got home and said, "Thank heavens we don't have to be out there tonight." It's the little things that make life good.
  16. arleigh

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    The best way is a piece of card board and tiny hole 1/4" or less, toward the sun and a white poster board where the light shines through .
    focused correctly you can observe the whole thing safely and without danger of flash burn. and have a good picture .
    So far as the event , crowds are not wise, especially if alcohol is at all involved .
  17. DKR

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    My brother will be driving from CO to WY to see the totality. I don't get it, but he did say he paid $360 / night for the last hotel room in town. He does have routes A thru D to get into and out of town. I reminded him to take chow and extra water for the parking lot that the road will become....
  18. Thunder5Ranch

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    I will be sitting on my porch with cold beer and hot brats and a couple of loyal dogs watching the insanity of what they say is going to be 150,000-200,000 people descending on Southern IL, where there is barely enough infrastructure to support the few people already here. The chaos is probably going to be more entertaining to watch than the eclipse.
  19. Imasham

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  20. techsar

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    Well, if any of you are on the roads and the traffic is atrocious, don't blame me! I'm staying home ;)
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