It Was A Cold And Snowy Day

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by TXKajun, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Yesterday, I got off work a few hours early because it snowed here in SENM. Not a bunch, we ended up with 5" or so.

    When I got home, Sweetie and my DS were supposed to go take his written driving test, but Sweetie didn't want to get on the roads because they were slippery. DS and I have been working on his studying......he's taken it 3 times before and missed passing by 1 question....and he's been working hard with me, with a target date of Jan. 3 for retaking and passing the test. I sat down, called up a practice NM Drivers' Test on the computer and he went through it and did pretty good. He and I got in the car, went down and, if you can believe it, there was NO line! We walked in, got his #, checked in, and hadn't even sat down good when he was called to the service window. We had all the paperwork (for the 4th time!) and he went and sat down to take the test. We've been working on "No, just passing is NOT good enough! Make 100%, THAT'S good enough!" We did a little positive affirmation just before we walked into the door.

    He ended up getting 24 out of 25 questions right!! WOOHOO Of course, now, for the rest of his life, I get to remind him "Let's do it Daddy's way cuz Daddy's way WORKS!" LOLOL

    Sooo, he now has his Learner's Permit and has 50 or 60 hours of driving under his Mom or my supervision, 10 or 20 hours of which have to be at night, and 6 months before he can get his real license.

    Way to go, Son!


    Yeah, I know what this is gonna do for my insurance rates! weepie.
  2. ghrit

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    "Father knows best" but sometimes it takes a while for the contacts to close. Good job, and do NOT forget to wheel it out as needed.
  3. Quigley_Sharps

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    Congrats, its one of the best days as a parent and worst all in one. Now they grow up super fast and move on with life.
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    I found my children getting their license to be a god send, of course we live 27 miles from town and driving them everywhere was becoming burdensome. Great effort on his part to stay with it, and remember this sage advice, hit the deer go in the ditch to avoid the elk.
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    Yeah, if it can see over the hood, dodge and weave, because it's likely to come thru the windshield if you don't. Take it straight if it can't, you can maintain control better if the wheels are straight.

    (I wonder how I KNOW that.)
  6. gunbunny

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    Wow, things are so different since I got my license. I can remember driving at 15 years old with a learner's permit.

    My father was adamit about me getting my license; he needed the help with his contracting business, and driving from home all the way out to the airport to go flying (I was getting my private pilot's license at the same time, too) was getting to be a real pain for him.

    I know he was really happy when I was able to solo, because we could bring the plane down to where we lived and had a hanger at a small grass field only a couple of miles away. All the hours that I logged was for flying, we didn't have to log driving hours or anything.

    Driving was kind of second nature at the time- don't let the metal pieces touch eachother, or other solid objects. Hearing about all of these regulations about learning to drive, no wonder there are people out there that don't learn until they are 18.

    My gosh what has happened to this country?
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