It's Time To Lay It All On The Table

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    The mental condition of the majority in this country (United States) has degraded to the point at which the people have unconditionally accepted the government as legitimate masters over their lives. We see this is evident with the acceptance of media propaganda, with the latest story unfolding live, streaming into every living room. The matrix of deceit is so terribly twisted, the truth is so very uncertain, that it becomes commonplace for a once rational mind to accept the simple sponsored solution in place of common sense. Upon observing the elderly in this nation, the old man with his military veteran ball cap proudly displaying his pride, a good Christian man no doubt --yet totally clueless to the full extent of corruption which exists. This old man has no trust in the belief that the banking dynasties have complete control and the corporations and the government are one and the same. He does not accept that he and his offspring are slowly being poisoned with scientifically altered foods, contaminated water, over-prescribed pharmaceuticals and forced inoculations. He would rather place trust in the false belief that at least one of the two major political parties is right at least most of the time and his vote will change the course of this nation in the next election. He feels like war is justified and is necessary to promote liberty and to defend his freedom against a perceived enemy, that his sacrifice and the other brave men and women who paid the ultimate price did not do so in vain. This old man represents the pride of a nation held by too many which holds not even one ounce of understanding for the true policy set forth by the globalists. He will vehemently oppose the patriots of today, he will cheer in triumph as they are led away one at a time for the torture chambers. It is because of this I see great trouble ahead.

    It is time to lay this all out on the table, once and for all.

    Either the people begin to wake up and accept the fact that this government is tyrannical, that the politics of this modern world are determined by the corporations, or they are only adding fuel to the raging fires of deceit. There is no easy road. There is no other explanation to give. And there is no simple solution to our problem. The greatest amount of work to be done is at home, with each and every citizen making up their minds and setting themselves to reconditioning their core philosophies. In order for this country to rid itself of this despotic, tyrannical oligarchy, we must each change ourselves first. The traditional way of thinking has been carefully cultivated, from one proliferated enemy to the next we have adopted this fantasy model of being the worlds policemen. In the days of World War II, the enemy was Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. It never dawned on most at the time that this tyrant was carefully selected, funded, and protected by powerful men who also supported our own society. And to think that the scientists of such a war machine wouldn't be hired onto our own staff is a terrible mistake indeed. Perhaps it is too much to ask for these people to study the facts, and perhaps it is too difficult for them to take the time to see that these wars are a means to an end --a larger picture than what is ever told on the news. Today it is labelled "conspiracy theory" to even propose an objectionable thought. It is always easier to accept that which has been so easily accepted as true when you are in the majority to do so. This still doesn't make it truth; it becomes policy, procedure, conformity, and safe, but not truth. With each new "enemy", the empire unfolds even further with bigger and better ways to spread "Democracy" across the globe. We will not find too many proud supporters of policy to dare question war for profit in the way we truly require. Far too many would rather place blame on the current administration than to come to the realization that everything is fake. This is the enticement of the false paradigm. Nothing ever changes, yet those in power will always remain.

    I know it is hard to change perspective. We all have something to fight for, to protect. When the research finds you contemplating your own sanity, it is safer to fall back to old ways, to seek solace and comfort in normalcy and conformity. It isn't quite as lonely when we have neighbors and friends who share our thoughts and make us feel sane. We all watch the same television programming, attend the same government funded schools, eat and drink the same GMO foods and beverages with high fructose corn syrup and brush our teeth with fluoride chemicals. We all shop in the same malls, buy the children all the same toys and games, and attend the same churches. In our lives, we have found that it is nice to belong and to feel welcome and safe. This is our life, we Americans of the modern era. How dare anybody tell us that our entire reality is a lie. How dare they accuse us of not doing our part. After all, we are told that it is the illegal immigrants who are stealing our jobs, never mind the fact that in this day of "terrorism" we cannot secure our own borders but we can fondle every last child at airports and have cameras at each intersection. We are told that the Muslims hate us and they are going to kill us if allowed the chance, but more people die of bee stings each year than those killed by terrorists. We are constantly kept in a state of fear over being persecuted by atheists, communists, racists and liberals --allied against Christianity because it's all written in some obscure, ancient tome of prophecy. All we have to do is "trust" the government to provide the solution, or accept the "fact" that death as has been prophesied is righteous, and only the wicked will remain. This is the state of mind that has been routinely cemented into the psyche of the serfdom for thousands of years, and it never seems to get old. This is the core philosophy which has been held in place of the individual thought and the potential of our true self. To accept the machinations of those in power is to trade the only liberty we truly have full reign over; it is the ownership of our mind and body. It is our life, our very right to exist freely which has been traded for policy, procedure, conformity, and safety.

    What are you going to do, now that you have read this? Will you scoff and exclaim that you have been right all along, that I am just some crazy lunatic with a sinister money making scam? Will you desperately look at each word I type and try to seek out a flaw or a vague statement and twist it around to make it appear as though you are justified? Will you even take the time to read this message, or are you too busy to even bother? No, we have to set the record straight. I am not looking to argue. I wanted to lay claim to the idea that we are better than this. We have a great potential to inspire others, to be informed and proud to be free thinking individuals. We can replace blind nationalistic pride with a patriotism emblazoned with respect for liberty and justice. We can hold our public servants accountable for their actions, and we can learn to stand as one people, undivided. We must lay aside our petty differences and be honest with ourselves; gay, black, white, religious, republican -we are all Americans first. This government, this world will not alter its course unless we can admit that we have fallen asleep, that we are to blame. By taking responsibility for our actions and inaction, we can forever retire the fear and take on the role of protector. Turn off the television, please. Readjust your focus. Take a step back and try to see with a clear mind and conscience. Our only hope is to unite.

    The system is broken because we are broken, divided, and preoccupied. It's time to change this.
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    I agree Brokor. The masses remind me of robots that short circuit when told the truth. Forget em.
    Good people unite, because in the end we will have to fight for our right not to slip into the night.
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    there is no fixing it. It's not impossible but the efforts it would take will simply never be done.
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    Unlike the Nazi Regime, our power structure is no longer an individual maniac running the show. It's a bunch of power hungry Napoleonic dudes and dudettes with power over their little fiefdoms. The Obamanation needs to do a Nacht der langen Messer to consolidate power. Then the people will have someone that controls the reigns that we can confront.

    This dispersed power structure makes it difficult for a single point of attack which the people can rally around to bring about change.

    About the only change that Obama brought to office was the historical event of a black man being elected president (big freaking whoop!). Other than that, nothing has changed.
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    No, You are wrong, Visu...... A lot has changed... It has just "Changed for the WORSE"..... Heck, even his own Party doesn't like him keeping Bush's Policies in place, and WE do not like his Hopey, Changey BS that he has done, since his Imaculation. About the only GOOD thing he HAS done is give an order to his buddy Leon, to send our Seals, to smoke a known Terrorist, and they did a Very Good Job of it, too....

    The rest is ALL [BSf] and [kneelsuckers] for those who do that sort of stuff......
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    Nah..... wouldn't work. bobo is NOT 'in charge', he just thinks he is. We need to find his Masters, and remove them from the game. Soros would be a good start..... a little 'water boarding' to discover others that he knows, then do a 'Bin Laden' on him...... and so on down the line. [beer]
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    YouTube - Proof: Bin Laden Death Another Gov't Lie

    Sources include:
    » Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!…
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    Warnings on WMD 'Fabricator' Were Ignored, Ex-CIA Aide Says
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    Truck Is Tested for Biological Agents… - Second suspected mobile weapons lab found in Iraq - May. 13, 2003
    Some experts doubt trailers were germ lab - SFGate
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    Rambo image was based on lie, says US war hero Jessica Lynch | World news | The Guardian
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    Hospital Staff: Forceful U.S. Rescue Operation for Lynch Wasn't Necessary | Fox News - NBC to make movie about POW Jessica Lynch - Apr. 11, 2003
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    World - Live feed news - ninemsn, Nine News -…
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    You Can Take the 9/11 Security State From My Cold, Dead, Top Secret Hands | WIRED
    Prison » Hoax: White House Claims 4-Year-Old Bin Laden Video Is New Footage
    SpyTalk - CIA unit's wacky idea: Depict Saddam as gay
    'To discredit Saddam, CIA plotted to depict him as gay' - The Times of India
    Prison » EPIC FAIL: The US Government’s History Of Fake Bin Laden Tapes
    Proof Bin Laden Tape Is 5-Year-Old, Re-Released Footage
    Osama Bin Laden Dead, Al Qaeda Confirms
    Prison » US Government Contractor Claims “Al-Qaeda” Has Confirmed Bin Laden Fairytale
    Ridge: I was pushed to raise terror alert - US news - Security | NBC News
    Barack Obama eyes $1bn re-election bid as Republicans ponder challengers | US news | The Guardian
    Prison » Top Clinton Official: Only A Terror Attack Can Save Obama
    » Will Obama Force America To “Absorb A Terror Attack” To Save His Presidency? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!…
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    Required viewing.
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  10. dystopia

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    goebbel lives

    Don't have cable, have to watch network news. This mornings news had about 3 min. on headlines and multiple lengthy segments on schwartnegger having sex 14 years ago. Lohan,Sheen, all diversions from what is happening in our country. God help us.
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    Yup, indeed, dystopia. Another great example would be this video I will link below. It's a comedy (NSFW) video with Alex Jones hosting the appearance at a night club. There's a bit of swearing, so again NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

    This is the "reality" we face. Now, in another interview, Alex says to Doug Stanhope that he agrees with maybe 50% of his jokes, but for the rest, it's all kind of crap because it's all based on the same mentality the majority of slaves share. They want to "have fun". Life is just plain "boring". "We shouldn't "work hard", we should only "play". --this is all crap, it's useless. yet, at the same time Doug brings up a lot of good and funny ideas which should be thought over long and hard. The best part of that video is the Alex Jones rant followed by a crowd of inbred, redneck drunks getting all upset at Alex and the message he presents. They were all there to "have a good time", it had nothing to do with SURVIVING or STAYING ALIVE for the future -no. Life is only about having fun to these people, because their own lives are so pathetic and empty that they cannot possibly dare to challenge themselves to be RESPONSIBLE. And so, the hilarity ensued with a hostile crowd soon turning into a raunchy mob, added with the hilarity of Doug up on stage...which eventually led to free drinks, tossing out the troublemakers, and fun times. Great video.

    Here's the video interview, about 6 years later in studio with Doug on the Jones show:
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  12. beast

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    what we need is a new party, real people thattruly care about the people
    get those in office and change the education system
    we are dealing with ignorance and the only ways to cure that is education or death
    i prefer education
  13. Brokor

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    This sums it up nicely.
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  14. Idahoser

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    we've had that many times already, EVERY 'new' party is ALWAYS the fix for whatever the problem was.

    George Washington didn't like parties at all.

    The system is rigged to default to failure.

    What I mean is, occasionally you may get somebody accidentally elected to an office where he really does want to, and has the ability to, make things better. Reagan, for example. A lot of the choices he made were actually improvements.

    But they were all temporary and most of them DIDN'T succeed. Or we were fooled into thinking we had succeeded. Or we did, but it's been reversed.

    The system designed by our founders would default to SUCCESS, but we've monkeyed with that system. The states were a major roadblock to runaway federal government. So what do we do? Take away their representation. That's exactly what the 17th amendment did.

    It was a formality, though, the states had already lost their authority when military force was successful in blocking them from leaving the union they voluntarily created together.

    If you want anything to ever be really on the right track, that's the first thing that has to happen, is to repeal 17.

    No election matters much while we default to failure.
  15. Seawolf1090

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    Whoowee, talk about diversions and getting side-tracked off the important issues...... all the Conservative Radio Talking Heads are in a tizzy about "Wienergate"....... [loco]
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  16. Tikka

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    He is a very liberal democrat so soon or later he'll get a media pass.The same as Charley Rangel or Barney Frank etc ad nauseaum,
  17. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    We have no time to bleed, find out who your eternal friends are and get ready.
    They will be taking Christians to the DOD guillotines, they have one in every base now.
    We have no time to believe Corporate Government Liars at this point, they are the Unforgiven.
    See you in the trenches, my Brothers in Arms.
  18. dragonfly

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    They're all a bunch of "weiner's" as far as I can see!
    More Kool-aid please?
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