Jericho has been canceled !

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by BigO01, May 17, 2007.

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    I signed the petition yesterday, and e-mailed CBS on Tuesday. It is gathering a lot of support, even CBS admitted that. Supposedly TNT is considering picking up the series, but for now CBS of course owns the rights. CBS actually said that possibly a series finale could be brought to TV in 08'. I hope another network picks it up. Every single one of these series that they ran the season split with lost a lot of viewers.
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    done. this stinks it was still the best show on t.v , but the show was on the wrong side of hollyweird beliefs now we get to watch the sheeple approved programs [sheep]
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    done, corporate bastids!!
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    I have to admit that I never saw an episode.
    I watch about 10 hours of TeeVee a year.
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    It's getting a lot of attention from the fans.
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    Forwarded Letter Re: Jericho Shall Return!

    The following letter from a CBS executive comes by way of Rourke (Moderator of Yahoo's Jericho Discussion Group):

    To the Fans of Jericho:
    Wow! Over the past few weeks you have put forth an impressive and probably unprecedented display of passion in support of a prime time television series. You got our attention; your emails and collective voice have been heard.
    As a result, CBS has ordered seven episodes of "Jericho" for mid-season next year. In success, there is the potential for more. But, for there to be more "Jericho," we will need more viewers. A loyal and passionate community has clearly formed around the show. But that community needs to grow. It needs to grow on the CBS Television Network, as well as on the many digital platforms where we make the show available.
    We will count on you to rally around the show, to recruit new viewers with the same grass-roots energy, intensity and volume you have displayed in recent weeks.
    At this time, I cannot tell you the specific date or time period that "Jericho" will return to our schedule. However, in the interim, we are working on several initiatives to help introduce the show to new audiences. This includes re-broadcasting "Jericho" on CBS this summer, streaming episodes and clips from these episodes across the CBS Audience Network (online), releasing the first season DVD on September 25 and continuing the story of Jericho in the digital world until the new episodes return. We will let you know specifics when we have them so you can pass them on.
    On behalf of everyone at CBS, thank you for expressing your support of "Jericho" in such an extraordinary manner. Your protest was creative, sustained and very thoughtful and respectful in tone. You made a difference. Sincerely, - Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment
    P.S. Please stop sending us nuts :
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    Sorry, I've never seen an episode. If they put it back on, though, I'll have to, just to see what it is!!!
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    crehberg Monkey+++ offense, but did you just link me to this post??????? Whoops...never mind. That one is slightly different. I see that they've put it back on, but when will it come on so that I can see it???
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    No, I was showing Seacowboys I beat him to the punch with the Jericho 2 thread which had the same info.
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    [beat] consider myself beaten.
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    As a side bar to this conversation, I wonder just how many pounds of nuts they ended up getting? It had to be a fairly large amount for Ms. Tassler to add it as a P.S. Well we've thrown our money into the pot so we better play the hand.

    Take care Be safe Poacher.
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    The networks are reporting 50,000 lbs., but on they are showing a little over 40K I believe.
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    Im glad its coming back.
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