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  1. Hey everyone as I'm sure a number of you have probably heard of this man named Joel Skousen Joel Skousen's Web Site and that he has been saying that by the end of this decade that there is going to be a nuclear war with Russia and China, well I should say that based on what I have read on his idea of how it will go down that some nukes will be used in the begining but it will turn convientional basically think of the movie Red Dawn or the game Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2.

    Now I admmit that after all I have listened to and have heard I am leaning towards that he is right and will happen but I wanted to hear what everyone else here thinks about it. If you think he is right please say how you think it will all go down, and where in the USA or Canada there would be a place to go should you be looking for a safe place for your family and possibly yourself? Also since I just mentioned Canada and the US does anybody think that Canada and the US is going to be marched through with Russian/Chinese troops actaully landing here on the land?

    Take it easy everybody
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    "Behind every blade of grass....." [sawgunner]
  3. I know where that saying is from
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    Amen. I have my blade staked out. Do you?
  5. It's just I have to wonder if our military is ready to fight tanks because were very ready to fight insurgents but how about a world war?
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    1st things 1st. Red Dawn was a movie. A highly unlikely story. Call to Duty 2 is a video game. These stories work great as fiction. You want a handle on what will really happen? Take a gander at the stock market. Then, if I were you I would take a stroll over to the tinfoil hat lounge. Peruse some of the posts there. Thanks.
  7. What are you talking about with the stock market?
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    The world is the playground for the elites, there is no doubt to that. The tensions and turmoil we witness is mostly a charade, but at times it can be a conflict of interest in the sport of toil for profit. The same banks which operate in Russia also operate in the UK and the US. In fact, most of the world is controlled by the banking empire. By funding both sides in any conflict, as is always the case, the only ones who profit from war are the banking collective and their corporations.

    A war with Russia, China, and Iran would certainly be a most precarious situation. It would involve a great deal of logistic support, and if it ever went nuclear all bets are off. I wouldn't count on it, though. The advent of terrorism in this century has spurned a new avenue to usher in a global police state. The cold war tactic never paid off as much as the new bogeyman for Slavery, Inc.
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    Reading Matthew 24 gives you a good overview of what to expect, coupled by the information you will find here and other sites you visit. Howdy there, how did you find us?
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    And I wouldn't come down too hard on folks for mentioning the content of computer games like Call of Duty and comparing them to real life. It is actually quite true that some of the happenings in these games are quite in line with actual policy, and in many cases they serve as indoctrination tools for the youth.
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    Sorry if it came across that way. Just putting some perspective out there.
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    Well, I don't mind. Experience is one of the best tools in our arsenal. Granted, much of our experience may be based from mistakes, but that's what makes it so important. ;) Besides, there are a lot of video games out there which are escapist, and they only serve to disassociate a person from their perceivable reality and the conformist society we are expected to adhere to. There is an upside to everything if we look closely enough I suppose. Oh, wouldn't Tracy just love that last statement. [beer]
  13. Not to get off topic and while I was not saying that life would be exactly like that movie or that game and I do know that movies are usually just ******** fun things to watch if you look at the game Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2 there is a part of it where a Russian airport gets attacked and recently that happened in Russia. Now I am not saying that it was foretold or that it was some conspiracy but that is a pretty good example of art immitating life. So I think I can safely say that I do not belong in the tin foil hat club.
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    don't come to safe places here.
    Find a local blade of grass and keep your ao small. get a small group together and be ready
  15. I would think that Canada would be a great place to find safety in I mean there is so much wilderness to escape too.

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