Just about all the ammo you could find

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    I've bought stuff from him at the gun shows.
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    What kind of reputation he got?foosed
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    Aim Surplus has a lot better prices and they've got the last of the Surplus South African .308.
    Aim has the same SA .308 980 battle packs for $189.00 that this guy has for $219.00.
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    Can't get enough of that these days for sure.
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    Some testers reported me that they had “trouble finding ammunition”. One guy was clueless about “how to get more ammo?”In the first chapter, I left the ammo box “somewhere in the level” on purpose. The guy would need to go near the ammo box, and when he is near enough – an in-game help text appears and instructs him on how to get the ammunition. It’s relatively simple, yet I wanted to have a small element of surprise when the guy first needs to check out the map a bit and think where he could find that ammo.This can frustrate people. If they don’t have a clear idea on “how to find ammo” (and the first tip just says “you have no bullets, find more ammo”), then it can be frustrating. In the first map, the ammo can be find relatively fast and there shouldn’t be a big problems with it. I now even prepared a video to help people outBut in the chapter 2. There I was sneaky. I decided to pile some stuff on top of the ammo box. First when you go through the map, you cannot see ammo box anywhere. Only if you realize that “hey, I can drag these objects away – and aha! here’s ammo!”. I wanted to give player a very brief puzzle, and to let him get the feeling of accomplishment when he realizes that he can actually search the level… move some trash away… and eventually find ammo.

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    I knew a little girl once up in East Tennessee; we used to watch shapes in the clouds.
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