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    I am highly allergic to wasps and bees....and have many, MANY auto injector EpiPens for the BOB.....

    Saw this story this weekend...(I also have a lot of chap stick, Carmex, etc....) Anyway...it helps to read ingredients, and labels...This woman almost died! And don't count on them being labeled properly either, apparently...sheeeesh.
    PARIS, Tex. -- A woman was hospitalized in critical condition for five days simply because she tried on a lip gloss this summer. She told her story to our Stephanie Brletic.

    Gladys Wilkie tells us she's never had any problems with cosmetics before, but when she tried on a brand new lip gloss she bought this summer, she immediately had a severe allergic reaction....................

    .........She spent the next five days in the hospital, two of those in intensive care.

    More here:

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    Of the many allergies I have I'm lucky not be have one to bee's. In fact I like Burts Bees lip balm. But haven't given it much thought, many times I use a finger to apply, what if I then touch something else and you came around and touched the same thing, would it be enough to cause a reaction?? Scary stuff.

    I had one boy in my scout den that was allergic to peanuts, his mom always has a Epinephrine pen close by, just in case.

    For those that have never used a Epi pen one word of caution, never put your thumb over the end, we had one lady in our area attempt to use one and had the injector pointing the wrong way, she got the whole dose in her thumb and the person who needed it then had to be rushed to the E.R.

    I always carry antihistamine with me in my BOB, a few weeks ago we took our Scouts horse back riding and on the trip back we found one of the kids allergic to horses and was swelling up around the eyes and was having a hard time breathing, his mom was releaved to find out I had Benadryl with me. She said gee you are always prepared when we are out somewhere, I just smiled pulled the Benadryl out of my BOB and handed her a pill. It was all he needed and he didn't have to leave the outing.
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