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    My 9 year old was going through the TIVO the other night and watched a show I had recorded, Surviving Urban Disasters with Les Stroud, at the end Les goes through a basic kit that everyone should keep. After the show he got up and went to the computer and asked me where he could find a list of survival items he could read and work on, something for kids. I did a quick search and the first thing that came up was FEMA for kids, they have a pretty decent area for him and the list they have are easy for someone his age to put together and keep. He is planning on working on this over the holiday, he has a kit we put together for hiking and camping, now he wants to make one he can keep in the house.
    It was kind of nice watching him get into the whole idea.
    If anyone has other sites they have come across for kids pass them on, would like to try to keep him going on this subject.
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