Killing Culprits Invading Your Home in SHTF Ala Katrina

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by ED GEiN, Jun 27, 2017.

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    to do? I don't know if any of you know if there were similar incidents/situations in American History including Katrina, but if during a SHTF Situation like Katrina where there is no or practically no law enforcement operating near your location, if I had the weapons and anyone tried to invade my home, I would shoot them and immediately shoot them dead if they weren't dead. What else are you suppose to do, wait for them to survive and kill you later? Is this what you would do? What I fear is this PC Law System would then try me for murder claiming its not self defense as the attackers were subdued. That's the problem in the situation where there is no Law Enforcement during SHTF- what else are you supposed to do to ensure your safety? Obviously if its not SHTF, you call Law Enforcement and let them handle the offenders and don't execute them. I'm almost sure one would do time from manslaughter to murder, regardless if it was during SHTF. What are your thoughts?
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    Something like Katrina is localized and while there may be no ROL in the immediate area, there is everywhere else so I'd think the usual rules would apply (with some exceptions). In an EMP/CME/economic collapse, the police would be my last worry (unless they were trying to confiscate guns/food/money etc, then THEY are the bad guys). Ugly situation all the way around, I pray I don't have to make those decisions.
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    During Katrina in NOLA there were incidents of LEOs confiscating firearms, but I did not think there were many home invasions. How many home invasion / shootings were there?

    The OP is using that as an example, but I did not think many happened.
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    Me too!
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    Just using that as a hypothetical asking what you would do and how the Law regards such an act in a situation where there are no Police. Are you suppose to endanger yourself, by taking care of these people who would kill you the first chance they get? Here's another example: Those 2 escaped convicts who murdered 2 Police Officers on their Prison Transport were caught and held until the Police Came. Well what if it was SHTF and there were no Police? As far as I'm concerned, if you don't execute them then and there, they remain a serious threat with no law enforcement to deal with them. Of course in our good old PC Society they'd arrest you and you'd do serious time!
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    A WROL event that is local and of short duration will probably have consequences for those who take life, beyond simple self defence, once law and order is re-established. are put into effect. I hope your apartment isn't in a capital punishment state, once the emergency is over....PC or not, it would be a pity to survive the WROL event, and then when things return to a peaceable state of affairs, to spend 20 to life; or even the long drop (in hangin' states), just for the sake of some self justified summary execution.

    I'm afraid that my answer to a hypothetical speculation does not have much bearing on what I'd likely do when actually confronted with that reality "on the day".
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    You can basically do that ROL in some states now.
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    I have always been taught if you feel the need to pull your weapon then you are fearing for your life. It is a shoot to kill incident. The use of the execute bothers me. That line above just does not seem correct.
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    We carried mini14s or had them close at hand, The deputy would drive by every so often and ask us if we needed anything or if anything he should know about?
    We informed him that so far we had it covered!
    You'll have a hard time finding a jurors to convict someone for shooting looters or home invaders here!
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    Out west where I am from there is a sort of club or a loose association of sorts. It's members have a way with dealing with the types of threats you mention as well as wild dogs,coyotes,wolves and on occasion the young male who happens to break the heart of a member's Daughter. Their name says much about the group as well as the methods used.
    SSS is their name.

    Shut Up
    Hope this helps.
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    @ED GEiN , If this is a Serious Problem for you, move out of Kommiefornia, to a State that follows the Constitution, and the 2nd Amendment... Like Alaska, for instance... Up here, We have a strong Castle Doctrine Statute, If someone invades your home, they are DEAD Meat... We also have Constitutional Carry, both Open & Concealed... Yea, in the BIG Cities, the local LEOs will come find you, if someone reports you for looking weird, and Carrying, but it is absolutely LEGAL, and you can just walk away from them, PERIOD... We also have a "No Duty to Retreat" Statute that says if you are LEGALLY Carrying, in ANY PLACE that it is LEGAL for you to be, and Carrying, You have NO Duty to Retreat, from ANY Confrontation, where you are NOT the Instigator/Aggressor... and if you are confronted with Deadly Force, you can respond with Deadly Force... Such a DEAL, can you imagine such a place where Folks actually take responsibility for their OWN Safety and Self-Defense....
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    I tend to agree with Gator. I was there with salvage and rescue crews. We had a Blackwater escort on a lot of days but we were always armed. It was a dangerous time and the gators ate really well for some time.
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    Poor Ed thinks these scenarios up for the sake of typing practice. Just reading on the site will get him that answer without having to ask. I guess some folks are anti reading.
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    What was that? I didn't quite read what you said there.
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    Gnitirw drawcab.
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    Beats me as to why some on here are obsessed with Katerina? Some of us don't care to remember it at all or very little.
    I was probably 60 miles west of the eye. One that may of caught hell was techsar. He seldom posts about it...and I don't blame him.
    Plenty of other threads related to this storm, Search engine is your friend!
    Here for the one whom see's to get his jollies off on Katerina!
    Up my street at the time.

    up our street.
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    Poor Merkun he's jealous for some bizarre reason of someone putting up a Post that gets replies. OMG Sorry but I like to hear how people think in the now. It's too much trouble for Merkun just to ignore my postings then. I'll save Merkun trouble in his next bunch of replies to me and just copy and paste: "Do a search on this site for an answer in the past. You are wasting this forums time posting these questions cause I say so".
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    If it's too much trouble for eddie to use the ignore feature, I suppose appending
    will do nicely[lolol][boozingbuddies] ---
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