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Klass drink mix review. Hibiscus flavor

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by WestPointMAG, Sep 21, 2008.

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    Klass drink mix review. Hibiscus flavor

    Since Tang is now artificially sweetened I have been looking for an alternative to orange Tang. Tang use to come in hibiscus flavor called Jamaica then one day I could no longer find it on the store shelf. Today I was walking around the food side of W-mart and discovered Klass Jamaica hibiscus flavored drink mix in the ethnic section . The price was $2.54 for a 15.9 Oz resealable bag and makes 5.3 Qts,
    It is rather good. It has a fruity taste but does not taste like punch. The only problem is it only offers 10% of vitamin C. The bag is printed in wet back and American so you should be able to read it.
    Here is a link that should be of interest to some of you. http://www.mexgrocer.com/brand-klass.html

    I think we could use a food and drink review sticky.

    Margaret Holmes Hoppin’ John Blackeye peas with tomatoes, onion and jalapenos.
    Distributed by McCall farms
    Bought at Dollar General for $1.00 for a 14oz can. Found in the ethnic section.
    Servings per can 3.1 {It only served me once.}
    I recommend this product. It was hardy with very good flavor. It was spiced just right for me with the jalapenos only supplying a nice warm glow in the back of my throat that did not increase or become uncomfortable. This would make a good base for a number if dishes and I think it would work very whell over rice or noodles.
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