Kurt Saxon's First Editorial & 80'th Birthday

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    Dear Friends,

    Kurt Saxon is the undisputed grandfather of the modern American survivalist movement. His first published editorial appeared more than 36 years ago in the January, 1976 addition of his newsletter "The Survivor". Entitled simply "Hard Times Ahead" this article is almost scary in how accurate many of his predictions were "way back when". Anyone wishing to read a copy of this now classic work can just follow link below.

    Mr. Saxon is now residing in a convalescent facility in Harrison, Arkansas. He had his eightieth birthday this last Tuesday, 03/06/12.

    Hard Times Ahead?

    Cary Jeffries
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    Kurt Saxon, a blast from the past

    Thanks for the Kurt Saxon link....good to see some readily accessible KS resources. Hearing that KS is 80 and in a convalescent home is a sign that we are all getting on. I recall reading his stuff in the 1970's and 1980's and it is just as relevant now as it was then...and vice versa. I hope he still has his faculties, and appreciates the legacy that he has left for others...I certainly do.
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    Climate alarm before Global Warming. Peak Oil before it had a name... Don't forget the population bomb... Yet, oddly, all these many years later - here we all are.

    Looking at the piece, I can see now that Obama really is just the second term of Jimmy Carter. The only question, what follows? Now that, that's scary.

    Thanks for the link - Mr Saxon did have a very good book in "How to Cut Your Food Bill by Half or More; City Survival During the Famine to Come " in 1973 IIRC. His wkiki entry is one of note.
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    Happy birthday Kurt, and thanks for all the help and insights you have provided over the years. Here's to hoping you have many more to come.[kneelsuckers]
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