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    Hey guys. I have an older alice and looking to upgrade. I want a molle webbed, backpack style pack with most room and able to hold 60lbs. I was looking at tactical tailor, blackhawk, condor and more but not sure what is best and not to small. Any ideas, recommendations? I like the alice just dont like how it's so bulky, loose an no molle..
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    I'm a big fan of the Eberlestock line of packs. You'll find a wide range of pack sizes that can carry 60 lbs. It's more common to size packs according to their volume, i.e. cubic inches or liters.

    Eberlestock's tactical packs are covered in PALS/MOLLE-style webbing.
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    Look for the Kelty line of military packs... they are great.

    If you check some surplus stores, there is a new medium sized MOLLE pack available in Multicam that are coming from AFG. They have an external plastic frame that is cut to accommodate armor. The size is great IMO as a replacement to the Large ALICE pack. They seem closer in size than the overly bulky standard MOLLE pack.

    See here:
    MULTICAM Medium molle II assault Backpack Ruck sack marpat Camelbak Hydration | eBay
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