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    This morning I got all mad because one of my kids took my Lasso out of my truck... no I wasn't going to rope a horse but that bull rope has many more uses...

    I've used it to pull a dead car out of a ditch...
    pulled my son into the tree stand with me.
    I've used it as a fence stretcher.
    I have used it to pull a buddy up out of an arroyo.
    used it as a log puller.
    Used it as a tie down to keep stuff from bouncing out of the truck.
    makes for an easy way to hang a deer for butchering

    Yes I've used them on cattle horses sheep dogs and even a pig... (not easy keeping a loop on a pig)... and once it came in real handy in subduing a rowdy drunk...

    as for my kids... long before the became addicted to video games they would go out into the yard and rope each other for fun... unless they had their legs caught and did a face plant.... "Daddy...!"... not just for rope tricks but just to throw it over a tree limb and use it as a swing...

    I'm not saying have a lasso with ya is a must have... but it sure makes my life easier... unless my kids take mine out of my truck and forget to put it back.
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