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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by monkeyman, Feb 15, 2007.

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    Im so over winter at this point. We got another snow with about 5-6 inches here the other day so had to shovel more snow. Im deffinatly glad we have several days worth of wood stacked inside a shed.

    We did have an early sign of spring while I was shoveling snow though. I heard the first new kid of they year. Our older doe (3 years old now) had 1 kid. SO far it seems to be doing fine despite the cold weather. Tina brought it in for a bit and gave it some extra colostrum we had from when the goats had kids last spring. We had milked some of it out and mixed it so that it would have the imunities of both does and froze it. She took the kid back out then and made sure moma was going to tend to her, spread some extra straw for them and put her with them. We were glad to see a little girl since last year of the 3 kids we got they were ALL males, this one can help the herd grow rather than just be meat.

    Not much else going on the past couple of days, but definatly ready for warmer weather and to see if our other young doe (first year) took and will give us kids this spring as well as just getting out from under all the snow.
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