Latrine ,How private do you feel you need to be,in the woods?

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  1. arleigh

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    Women are probably more sensitive about the subject than men, however some folk freak out being in the woods and having to take care of business out in the open.
    In a mixed group , what are your protocols of taking care of business?
    Personally I'm not inhibited much . been in plenty of camp environments , mostly depends on the sensitivities of others as to how much privacy is needed. .
  2. VisuTrac

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    The other one isn't a bide
    When in Rome
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  3. Gator 45/70

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    We could care less at our age the wife and I
    If you don't like the moon rising then look away!
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  4. Mountain mama

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    I don't care where I dig my hole in the woods.... Ad long as it is out of sight lines!
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  5. duane

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    It is all a culturally defined thing. Air Force in the 1950's had a lot of WWII barracks, two stories, about 60 people per floor, one latrine, trough for urine, no walls on showers or toilets, no walls between bunks, just one big room. Have lived in barracks with 300 people in one big room, 900 people per 3 floor building. 1,000 ate in one mess hall, open 24 hours a day. In 6 weeks it all seemed perfectly normal. Got up in the morning, fell out in formation, marched to chow, fell out marched to barracks, fell out to barracks, fell out to formation and marched to school, fell out and went in, fell out to formation at noon and marched to chow, etc, back to school, rinse and repeat. In basic you were in a group 22 hours a day including sleep and private time and about the only time you were ever totally alone was on guard duty. Was done to set up patterns of behavior etc and it worked. All the barracks were set up in exactly the same pattern, bunks, foot lockers, wall lockers etc, seems stupid and senseless, but if there was a fire and the room was full of smoke, even if the room was totally new to you, you could use the foot lockers, bunks, etc and find the door out and if that one was blocked, you could find the alternative. Every bunk had the foot locker set in the same place, every item in the foot locker was the same brand and placed in the same place, shoes were placed in same order, clothes placed in locker in same order. Habit is your friend, if the air plane is on fire, it is nice if the last man to use it put the parachute back where it belongs, or that the last person put the safety locks back on the missiles and bombs, etc. Don't know about the new military, but the old military had their act together.
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  6. Seacowboys

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    I sort of rate communal shitting along with those groups of colorfully dressed folks you see sitting around in a circle beating on all sorts of drums.
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  7. Thunder5Ranch

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    I have a 5 gallon bucket and toilet seat to go on top of it. If someone wants to watch the Thunder Bucket Rumble more power to them. I got other things on my mind than who is peeking. Sorry I have reached the age squatting on the ground and aiming for a hole and trying to miss my heals and pants just don't cut it.
  8. Mindgrinder

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    After considerable practice....i can pee through a cheerio at 20 paces.
  9. Altoidfishfins

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    I built this handy dandy semi-portable in July 2009 from lumber scraps. It's since been painted to protect from the weather. When the hole underneath is about half full, it gets limed and buried. The semi-portable is then moved to a new spot and a fresh hole dug.

    The addition of a travel trailer in 2014 has negated some of the need for it, particularly in cold weather. But the semi-portable's use allows for less frequent emptying of the travel trailer's holding tank, and the subsequent handling of the 'hazardous' waste.
    And no, the travel trailer's accumulated 20-30 gallons of black water doesn't go on the ground. It's emptied into a portable tank which in turn is drained at a properly equipped RV dumping station. A septic will eventually be installed on the property "eliminating" the need for the portable transfer tank.
  10. Tempstar

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    I worry more about making sure no one knows I was there than about while I am there. I once pooped in an alley in Baltimore in a box and tossed it in a dumpster. Newspaper sux for the cleaning chore btw.
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  11. Thunder5Ranch

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    If you can poop through a cheerio at 20 paces, you might need to see a dokter :)
  12. Mountain mama

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    Impressive stats there Mindgrinder.
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  13. Mindgrinder

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    My mom taught me to be a gentleman...of sorts....and that being the case I will share the secret...

    teh Key is not to go against the wind.
  14. DarkLight

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    And to hold it all day long so as to build up the required pressure to be able to hit 20 paces out.
  15. Mountain mama

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    When I was potty training my boys 20 something years ago, I used to put Cheerios in the toilet and tell them to sink them to help with their aim. I also bribed them with M&Ms every time they went. I didn't have to change them they got a few.
  16. Lone Gunman

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    When I was younger I was part of a group that lived for months at a time in a remote backwoods camp that had no sort of sophisticated plumbing, and only two cold water wells to supply the entire camp.

    So, what did we do? We picked out a grove of pine trees dug a slit-trench about 4 feet deep between two trees that were about 10 feet apart, cut down a third tree, smoothed one side for a seat with an axe, and then tied it about 3 feet high up between the two pines; and there it stayed until the trench was filled in, and another needed to be built. (Usually right in back of the first trench; so all ya had to do was to turn around on the bench!)

    That was our latrine for the entire summer. When someone was finished doing his, 'daily business' he'd walk around to the back of the trench, pick up the shovel and throw a few scoops off the dirt mound back into the trench. It was a little smelly; but, overall, the system worked very well.

    There were 7 cabins strung out in a long row; and the only thing you didn't want to do was to take the, almost, 200 yard walk from our far cabin into the woods late at night. (We improvised!) One evening in those woods I got myself hissed at by a large wildcat I'd accidentally startled. That event was only the second and last time I ever got to (knowingly) cross paths with a wildcat in the woods. All of which goes to prove that, 'outdoor plumbing' can be dangerous!

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  17. chelloveck

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  18. chimo

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    In the timeless words of my grand-daddy, "no matter where I go, I'm just glad to know I still can".
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  19. chelloveck

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    Sadly....towards the end of life....that's likely to be into an incontinence pad. :(
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