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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by marlas1too, Jul 28, 2018.

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    I'm now 70 yrs young and I was raised in the swamps of Florida and we ate just about anything to have a full stomach so I'm telling you learn to eat wild edible wild plants and as a good measure learn medicinal plants too because when shtf do and eat anything to survive. I've ate wild plants all my life and just what is growing on my land i can eat very good and stay healthy too.
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    In a southern climate and in relatively un farmed land you can survive off wild plants to a good extent. The winters in the north limit your food if you don't have some agriculture, and modern farming methods, monoculture, render much of the productive farm land in the USA a sterile wasteland as far as harvesting wild food is considered. Hunting, fishing, wild food, survival gardening, ets all will at least supplement your food now. But it is a limited resource in any SHTF event as it would at best support 1 % or less of our present population.
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    Right there with you
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    Got a letter from a logging corp. informing me they will be spraying the property next to me with a herbicide to prep the land for replanting. I do not know if I will eat anything out of there for a long while..

    Fortunately I could range out a bit more, however, where else has been sprayed? And how long ago..
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    The new modern desert, several million acres planted in one crop as far as the eye can see, corn, soy, wheat, one kind of fast growing tree, etc. No niches for wild flowers, plant diversity, game, etc. The most diverse areas are the edges, swamps, abandoned farm land, the land around the suburbs, the state owned "nature" reserves, etc, are all threatened by chemical runoff, lack of water, isolation and lack of natural refugee areas, loss of diversity, ec. Here in New Hampshire we have either houses or abandoned land for the most part, with the mountains for the most part being "public" land or semi managed timberland. Without massive food and energy imports most of the population would be dead in 60 days and the sheep will take most of the rest with them. The greens are doing a good job of preventing any changes that would increase our abilities to develop self sufficiency or to arm yourself in order to keep what you have put away. While I may disagree with Rawles on many things, he is spot on as to ability to only survive outside of the edges of "civilization" after the fall. I accept the fact that I probably will not survive and at 80 and having lived a good life, will hang in as long as I can and plan on eating my fiddle head ferns, chick weed, etc, and from my garden and green house, my kids, grand kids, great grand kids, put up with us old people and ignore our lessons, the healots won as Walter Brennon used to put it.
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    I try to dehydrate as many wild food and wild medicinal plants as can i even dry mixed veggies to make my own soup starter.have several books on plant id and their purpose and i label the jars whats in them and what i can use it fore. drying enables me to store for the winter time but there are still wild plants that grow in the winter
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    You are lucky that you live in an area that has food growing all year long. But if SHTF, people will migrate to your area, trampling on your food without realizing what it is.

    @marlas1too what veggies do you put in your soup starter?
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    motomom i dehydrate corn ,green beans,carrots,cabbage,onions,potatoes,tomatoes.greens,peas,garlic,plus wild greens for my soup starter
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    Could you post the titles and the authors of the books....Please?
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    Yum. :D
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