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    I took a course in Civilian First Response. It was 4 hours packed full of information and it was designed to get you to explore, practice and learn how to respond when Mass Violence happens. It was a stepping stone. Officials love statistics and statistically mass violence usually happens in the suburbs, Boston being one exception. Also there is statistically significant events in the third week of April from the 14th through 20th. These April events include worldwide, thus there is the higher incident rate. The class I attended borrowed heavily from the military and law enforcement, including DHS and FBI. The reality is, mass violence happens. It can happen to you. When you prepare, you save lives.

    One must ask- what is my goal? Who is my enemy? And why do they hate me/us? These answers do vary on different levels. Foreign or domestic, you are at risk. Now ask yourself, is the United States ready for attacks like we saw in Mumbai or Paris? Columbine was a shooting that was pivotal in way officials respond to Mass violent events. It took officials 40 minutes to enter the building during the columbine shooting. Since then officials have trained and cut down the response time to minutes on most cases but there is still work to do. This leaves you at danger until officials arrive. But prior to this we need to be left of bang.

    Left of Bang


    A shooting occurs. Bang. For most it will take a few minutes to realize what is happening. Think of how noisy a mall or sporting event is. If you are not aware of dangers, it will take more time for you to process what is truly happening. When the event happens the body will react, it is called Sympathetic Nervous System Activation.

    The sympathetic nervous system is activated during emergencies -- or what you perceive or interpret to be emergencies. You become alert, vigilant, aroused, activated and prepared for action.

    This is what stimulates our flight or fight response. They have also started to add freeze to the stimulus response. Everyone has an SNS response.

    Sympathetic response.JPG

    After learning about left of bang and the Sympathetic system activation then we studied the OODA loop.

    Called the OODA Loop, the model outlines a four-point decision loop that supports quick, effective and proactive decision-making. The four stages are:

    Observe – collect current information from as many sources as practically possible.
    Orient – analyze this information, and use it to update your current reality.
    Decide – determine a course of action.
    Act – follow through on your decision.

    You continue to cycle through the OODA Loop by observing the results of your actions, seeing whether you've achieved the results you intended, reviewing and revising your initial decision, and moving to your next action.

    Detailed information on the OODA loop here: OODA Loops: Understanding the Decision Cycle
    More OODA Loop info Boyd’s O.O.D.A Loop and How We Use It

    Many that have served in the military and law enforcement know most of what I have talked about but this information is not just for them. The world is becoming a dangerous place and someday it could be you that needs to act. Most people train till they get it right. A warrior trains till they can't get it wrong. Be a warrior.

    I heard lots of phrases, terms and mottos-

    PACE- Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency

    Aware, Prepare, Respond

    Avoid, deter, deescalate


    Be courteous to everyone, friendly to no one.

    Watch their hands, hands kill

    Have a plan/ have a backup plan

    When “IT” happens: Accept what has happened, face the challenge, keep moving and thinking.

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    Be a warrior, Be courteous to everyone, friendly to no one, OODA.

    As you walk into a room/situation.... you should be seeing everything, taking metal notes, and courses of actions if "this" or "that" applies... with a healthy dose of Murphy factored in. ;)

    Great post MM34.... most excellent food for thought!!!!!
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    Tip if it's wet sticky and don't belong to you don't touch it or use latex gloves.
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    Super post.
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    Good info.
    I hope to learn more.
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    We live in a militarized police state.
    You have a much greater chance of being killed by a slip in the tub than ever once being caught victim in a major terrorist event.
    The best thing we can do is carry a weapon, talk slow, and refuse every attempt that tyranny makes to run our lives.
    And, the "terrorists" are trained, funded, protected, and commanded by your loving "Government", so we should get rid of government, too.
    Just my heavy dose of reality for you. I'm kind of like Doug when I say, "you're not that important"...

    And if that isn't enough, this is what I think about the opinions of "professional" educators for disarmed citizens who are faced with abject FEAR and unfettered TERROR...
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    I couldn't make it through the patrick van horne video. His voice makes me nauseous.
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    I know I have posted this on another thread on the Monkey but this is a good reminder. If we are looking to take action left of bang then people should learn to really look at people. Below are the signs you maybe looking at a suicide bomber. Remember my first post, hands kill. Some of this checklist may also apply to other people who have intent to harm.

    12 Signs You May Be Looking At A Suicide Bomber
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    What would you do if you saw a suicide bomber? In Israel, a woman we would laughingly call a soccer mom saw one. She reached someplace and shot him in the head.

    Would any of us do what she did; I doubt it.
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    I would probably move away as far as I could. What should you do? If you shoot them they could have their finger on the button and killing them will cause detention. I didn't post because I know what to do but posted because people need to start looking up. I am sure most monkeys are not like the average public that has their eyes glued on their phones but when is the last time you just watched people? I am sure some walk into a place and make note of if trouble happens how do I get out.
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    Unless she made a CNS hit which is doubtful with a pistol; his finger wasn't on a dead man type trigger. A dead man trigger works when released, not when pressed.

    In addition to the typical shrapnel they embed in the material, flying objects, explosions generate a pressure wave. Being able to run to safety would depend on how big the explosion and how far you can run.

    You posted it to get folks to be alert and notice their surroundings. After one has noticed a threat; what to do is the next logical step.

    As I sense them, I watch people all the time and my wife is the same way. My eyes are attracted to movement.
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    I personally am working through that and will be taking another class to work different scenarios, bouncing actions/reactions with class members. I took a class that borrowed heavily from the military and allegedly we have lots of former military on here. They have basically stayed mute on sharing and giving tips. They had to have received training but till I pay to take another class to receive these tips, I cannot answer your questions on what professionals instruct you to do.
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    Any training in the arts and sciences of terrorist spotting would be at very advanced levels in military police and shore patrol specialties. Not so sure we have a lot of those here. I rather suspect that you have already more training in profiling a bomber than by far the majority of us ex (or current) mil.
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    I understand allegedly. One of the down the road neighbors at the mountain house was in Vietnam. As he knows places, not war stories; I know he was there. Knowing places proves one was there. Telling war stories is meaningless to anyone who was there.
    When asked what he did; his answer was transportation (pause) and (loudly) RECON. I guess he drove his deuce and a half out to the boonies and went on a recon mission? ;);)

    Ex-military, especially those who served in combat rarely give "tips" in a crowd. IMO, their answers would be too cold and barbaric for the palate of others.

    Have you ever seen the movie Raid on Entebbe? The very short form, terrorists hijacked a passenger jet and landed in Uganda. The Israeli military rescued the hostages. When they entered the area where the hostages where kept; they yelled in every language of the passengers stay down. Anyone who as standing or stood up; they shot. Unfortunately, according to the movie some of the passengers stood up and were shot.
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    One thing to understand about "Explosions" using "High Explosives"..... They are NEVER, like those shown on Television... They usually do NOT have Cans, full of Gasoline, associated with the Energetics, and therefor will never have the Giant FireBalls associated with the Detonation, as seen on Tv, or the Movies... As stated above, what Kills you, is the Pressure Wave, any Shrapnel associated in the Device, and external Objects picked up by the Pressure Wave, and accelerated in your direction....

    SO, If you are in a situation where you are just outside the Immediate Blast Area, and you think Detonation is imminent, Lay "FLAT on the Ground" and cover your Head, with whatever you have... The Pressure Wave Boundary near the Ground, will be much less than that above the Ground, due to the way Pressure Waves propagate, AND you are less likely to encounter Shrapnel, flying horizontal Near the Ground. If you are Inside the Blast Zone, the above is still valid, but you are likely to be Dead, anyway, due to the Massive OverPressure of the Detonation... If you can, hide behind a SOLID Structure, like a Building, Great.... but NOT near any Windows, in that building, as they are going to be shattered, completely, by the Pressure Wave, out farther than you would imagine....

    The LAST thing you want to be, is Running Away, Vertical, with you Back, turned toward the Detonation.... That just makes you a BIG Target, for anything Flying Around in the Pressure Wave, which are likely going to be coming at Supersonic Speeds....
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    BTpost , now that's valuable information, thanks.
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    @Tikka Your FooGasse is NOT an Explosion, designed to Kill by Pressure Wave, and Shrapnel, (which I was Talking about) but simply using a Small ignition Charge, and another small Distribution Charge to spread the FUEL in the Drum over a LARGE Area and then Ignite that fuel to burn Personnel, inside the Distribution Zone. It is a Poor Man's FAE... (Fuel Air Explosive) and Yes since it is the Distributed Burning Fuel that causes the damage it does have a FireBall, as does the typical FAE... However the FAE FireBall is VERY Short Lived, usually just a second or two, because of the Flame Front Propagation Times, of the Gaseous Fuels use,(typically Propane, or Natural Gas) and it is the Massive Over-Pressure Wave, generated by the FAE that kills the Bad Guys. In FooGasse, the fuel is usually Diesel Fuel, where the Flame Propagation time is considerably slower, and it is the actual Burning Fuel, that covers anything, and anyone, in the Distribution Zone, that does the damage... Apple and Oranges.....
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    I thought you'd get a chuckle out of it; hence all the ;) I added. Yes, I know how "foo gas" works; I built them. I'm a lot more familiar with explosives than you believe.
    BTW, Foo gas is a mix of different petroleum products. Depending on the purpose; most are a gas and oil mix; not diesel. Burn times vary based on the mix.

    Results of a FAE:
    Landscaping via daisy cutter air burst. Although the proper name is BLU 82, we called it a daisy cutter. The same as we called fougasse "foo gas"
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