Learning How Part 2

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    Part 2
    I learned much from my Father and from the skilled Tradesmen who worked for him. I learned to operate Winch Trucks moving Heavy Machinery, Oilfield Equipment, Houses, Barns & More. I helped take care of the Livestock, & Machinery. From working with the Tradesmen, I learned something of the Masons, Plumbers & Carpenters skills. I am self taught in other ways. I can Weld, Fabricate & Machine Metal. I started a Welding/Fabricating/Steel Erection Business building Steel for a variety of Structures & Machines. My Weldeors/Fabricators & I made many welded items including Oil & Gas Production equipment. After 20 years of this & thousands of complete projects. I sold out & retired.
    Part 3 later

    Part 3
    Becoming bored with retirment, I tinkered with Rv's and ended up starting an RV Repair & Rebuild shop. After a few years I tired of the rat race and retired again.
    For something to do, I atternded a professional Gunsmithing School where I decided I really enjoyed all aspects of the trade. As part of the training, we learned the Machinists skills (the pro way) enabling us to build most any Firearm part. I especially enjoyed Metal Work and building custom Firearms. This lead to another career operating a Sporting Goods & Gun Shop. This went on a few years and I retired again since age was catching up to me.
    You can learn many skills over a lifetime and put them to use in various ways. All in all I have enjoyed the many things I have done. I feel like everything may have been leading to this time and I am fairly well prepared for whatever may come.
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