Learning to Butcher

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by sarawolf, Jan 16, 2011.

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    You know the first one you butcher is the hardest when you start to butcher. Then no problem.
    We have it down pretty pat these days.
    I was raised eating rabbit, squirrel, deer and etc. I used to watch my mom. She was a child of the Depression and raised on a small dairy farm in Wisconsin.
    My dh used to hunt every fall when we lived in Colorado. The butchering always took place on our dining room table lol, deer and elk both.
    We raised rabbits to.
    Kids: when we gonna butcher some of the rabbits dad? When huh, when.
    Okay dad says we will do that today. He takes the kids outside with him as they wanted to it done so bad.
    He picks out one of the rabbits, lays it down and whacks it in the head with the hammer,kills it instantly.
    Kids (4 with 3 being to young)running all different directions.
    He hauls them back and explains that they wanted some rabbits butchered so bad they were going to stay and learn what it was all about.
    And it wasn't all about how good they taste when cooked. So they learned.
    We raise our meat knowing they are food, even if we do name them.
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    I grew up on a dairy farm. The only thing my family killed was chickens but my dad hunted deer and he used to hang them from hooks in the garage and drag the picnic table in. They butchered on the picnic table. You'd think I'd be able to do it... some day.
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