Leasing Land vs Buying land.

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by PapaGrune, May 12, 2016.

  1. PapaGrune

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    I am 63 years old with my wife 60. Would it be practical to lease land vs buying it? partly because of age, and a few other things. I have one son that is Conservative and likes guns and such. My daughter is somewhat like minded... I think they might think it was time to put me away if I go too far. My brother is like minded.

    We could say it was a deer lease, and do most things that others would do. I don't know if I could prep for everyone or not.
  2. ghrit

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    IMHO, buy it outright if you can. If can't own it free and clear, then you are into some serious guessing as to which way the economy is tipping.
    Consider also, with all those like minded folks, a family corporation might work. Needless to say, that will introduce, uh, a few legal intricacies.
    Also IMHO, how is it your responsibility to prep for everyone? Prepping is a participatory hobby (sez me and maybe me only.)
  3. azrancher

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    It depends, if you can buy it, you can do anything with it that you want. If you lease it and the SHTF, it's yours.

  4. Ganado

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    I never know how to answer questions like this cuz the topic is so broad and everyone's life is different.

    but I will take a stab at it.
    1) if you can afford it and afford to buy it outright or pay for it in just a few years. Buy it.
    2) if buying ties up all your $$$ don't buy, lease
    3) Read the details of the lease carefully, (I cannot emphasis this enough)some leases only allow certain things and if you build something without the owner's permission they can make you take it down and/or break the lease and you lose what you built.

    that is generic as I can make it without knowing more about what you want to accomplish.

    Prepping for entire family. I would not do it unless 1) you have the resources and 2) you need your family to help you survive post SHTF. Good luck in your adventures and pm me if you have specific real estate questions.
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  5. Airtime

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    Leasing or renting -- the land is not/never yours. Period.

    So, lease or buy depends why you want it. If just to hunt, shoot, camp, ride ATV's and have fun, if the owner terminates the lease early, so what. Go for a lease then if you can afford the cash outflow with your current economic situation and don't need to save money.

    However, if this land is key to your survival plan for SHTF, leasing is a bad plan as the owner may have a similar plan, or he may have a loan on it and could easily loose it when he can't make the payments, etc.

    If at all possible, your survival plan should not be based upon something over which you don't have full control.

    Also note that debt is the paramount anti-prep. It can wipe out all your preps in short order. It also saps your spirit and hangs over your head like a dark cloud. Many folks have no idea how much of a burden debt is until they are free of it.

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  6. VisuTrac

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    Here is how I look at prepping and generally with respect to land.
    It's an investment in the future. And probably not my future, but that of my children and their children.

    If I can afford to do something now, I will because in the future they may not. (property)
    If I can buy something now because there are no laws against it, I will because in the future it may be illegal.
    If I can teach something to someone because it's valuable knowledge, I will because, there may be no one in the future willing or able to.

    I really don't expect to be using up things I've decided to squirrel away. I use it and replace it as it's consumed. So hopefully when I take my last breath, my spawn will take up where I left off and keep it going.

    The world isn't going to go to hell in a hand basket today, tomorrow, next week or month. Not this year nor the next. Not this decade or this quarter century. Well at least I hope it doesn't. It may but I'm not going pray for it because that would suck.
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  7. Clyde

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    Buy it, call it a hunting camp, build a cabin you can live in 24/7, 365 and then prep how you want. Leave it stocked and ready with a note telling the kids you felt they would think you and your brother were crazy for prepping, but you felt they were so you took care of it before you took your dirt nap. Then you just live and enjoy your remaining days without worrying what others think
  8. BTPost

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    Best Clyde thought, I have seen in ages....
  9. Clyde

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    I guess I will take that as a compliment..
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