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  1. Tango3

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    caught "survivorman" in the african bush couple of cool tidbits :
    from the firstaid kit came potassium permangenate, and glycerin mixed together, they ignite.wiki say potassium permangenate is an oxidizer found at pool and well suplliers. It also makes a good wound sanitizer.Glycerin has anti diarheal affects. I can see other uses for instant self lighting fire from 2liquids...
    And he boiled water in a plastic water bottle, it distorted
    butr as long as the flames only touched plastic covered in water, it worked.
    goodstuff to tuck away.b::
  2. Blackjack

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    Saw this one as well..... thought those were a couple of his better/ more useful tips.
  3. Seacowboys

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    My thought were that it isn't very likely you will ever be in a survival situation with a bottle of glycerine and potassium permangonate. I have recently been watching this guys shows and have come to the conclusion that he is basically inept and probably would not survival anywhere for much longer than the seven days he has planned for. He is, however, a pretty decent harmonica player, especially after he has spent a few days with nothing to eat but a snail, a scorpion, and some grass. I especially like the one or two episodes where he set his shelter on fire; now that was predictable.
  4. B540glenn

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    He also halved (or more) the amount of water he could carry by doing that.

    You can also boil water in a paper cup using the same principle. The water will absorb the heat and boil before the paper catches fire. Any paper not in contact with water will ignite.
  5. Jonas Parker

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    I have potassium permanganate in my medical kit. Ir's useful in treating fungal and yeast infections when mixed with distilled water.
  6. Blackjack

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    In his defense, it was in the med kit, and glycerine is pretty common first aid stuff.

    Although I gotta admit, I wonder about his overall skills as well. One thing for sure, he's not much of a survival fisherman. Some of the contraptions he's come up with for fishing were pretty bad.
  7. Tracy

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    :lol: I was just surfing by his show just last night and saw him blowing a bubble with some line (?!) in his hand. Not sure of the show at first, I was waiting to see McGuyver show up next to him, paper clip in hand, and blow up a building or something. ~giggle~ We all waited to see that is was to be a bobber for fishing.
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