Lessons from Wartime Bosnia

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    Excellent insight into very harsh situations. Thanks for sharing. Sorry so many had to die learning things the hard way. Wisdom trumps bravado every time. "Grey men" live to become grey.
    ETA: always fight on your term, your turf, and on your time table. Remember what Gen. Patton said--"let the other poor bastard die for his country".
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    This is why I tell people that grouping up is the only way to make it long term. Going solo is suicide.
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    Groups need more resources.

    A visit to the LDS calculator shows 6 guys need 1800 pounds of (wheat, flour, corn meal, pasta etc) grains plus a whole bunch more. Add their families and food requirements become a big number.
    If matters would ever decay to that point, it would be small family dirt farms where if the neighbors heard gunfire they come running.
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    I lump that in with "grouping up".. making alliances if you will. I suppose that's a better term.
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    Either way it would not be a good life.
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