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    I have been getting a LOT of emails, and it also seems now I am on some "sucker's list.....As I am even now getting phone calls from people I do not know. It was someone I met with and "trusted" with my home number!

    Yeah, and this is just the beginning..... I'm afraid.

    There are a lot of SCAMMERS out there, and they are looking for PREY!
    YOU! You are THEIR PREY!
    They use great words and terminology, and they WILL gather a lot of INFO on you, LONG before they ever attempt to ever call or email you...
    These people are out to take you to the cleaners!
    AND,....They are VERY good!
    Don't ever kid yourselves!
    Unless you know what and who you are up against, you can't play on their level!
    They will win! YOU.... will lose!
    I should know, I have dealt with these types before, when I did private investigations...!
    They are well versed, and quite intelligent, 'criminally' at least!
    The first sign is they want to be your 'friend/s'!
    They want to 'help' you!
    They have your 'BEST interests' at heart!
    They come bearing great tidings and even some may bring "gifts"!
    They have been able to fool and confuse even the most seasoned police officers, detectives, and investigators...
    IF you are not able to say NO, (and many cannot), then don't open the door to them!
    There are a vast number of scammers out there, and more appear every day now....
    You may be given a piece of paper that for all intents and purposes which appears to be legitimate!
    TRUST ME: It's NOT.
    I have seen fraudulent Titles that fooled the best in the Title companies business! The Same is true for driver's licenses, and ID cards!
    You will know when they have you .....they ALL JUST want money, and they'll use your security and that of your family and loved ones as leverage!
    Don't buy into their lies and deceit!
    They will use any and all scare tactics, and fear, that IF you do NOT act now, tomorrow will be too late! It's the one thing that gives them away!
    These scammers are all about taking your money and even signing away your property, be it a home, a car, or whatever, they are greedy and will take anything that is offered to them!
    I wish you luck.


    (This IS an investment in your future survival.
    Investment is required now to secure a spot in this place.
    It would be a substantial investment of hard money to hold this place.
    But there is room for several families.)

    Yeah, sure enough! There it is folks!
    I have nothing to gain here to mislead ANYONE....
    I have absolutely No reasons to do so!
    Others have decidedly, a lot to gain!
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    I requested more info for S&G. Below is the PM:

    "We are in Northern Arizona, Mohave County.
    Lots of Juniper. Some Pinion Pines.
    Plenty of water. 75 GPM possible.
    Ample game for meat.
    Some land good for farming.
    1 square mile of land.
    Developed for business profitability.
    Solar Power Installed.
    Utilities and lodging already established.
    We would be happy to give you a tour of the facilities.

    We are new to the "retreat community" idea as well.
    We intend to build a core group that can get along with one another.
    The idea is decisions get made as a group. We do not want a fearless leader...who takes on the world...or government....or whatever.
    But we do want people that have good skills, can work, can use guns to hunt and defend.
    Training is available at our facilities.
    We are NOT anti-government.
    We are pro-constitution.
    We are Pro 2nd Amendment.
    We are Pro-Life.
    We are for peaceful existence.
    We want to have a plan for survival...that makes sense.
    Self-sufficiency is desired, individual and community.

    We are thinking...no more than 20 people? Just throwing a number out there. Negotiable.
    Investment terms are negotiable.
    As you are investing in an planned idea as an equity partner, attached to land, that has business plans for the short and long term, we intend that this would be a mutually beneficial and negotiable business and friendly relationship. Lots of details.

    Thank you for your interest,
    Please continue contact for more details.
    I can introduce you to my friend (the owner)
    What other details would you like?
    You can reach us further at survivewithfriends@gmail.com "

    The thing that jumped out to me is "Developed for business profitability."
    I think this is akin to buying insurance. I don't like paying insurance [dunno]
    I don't really like the retreat idea either. My movement is towards independent living now.
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    Yeah, there is a bit of a "glitch" in there I'll call it, to not make them out anymore than what they already are! I have spoken with them....well Greg anyway! Not a deal I am at all interested in! He was as pushy as an insurance or used car salesman! That did it for me, the fact they NEED a lot of INVESTORS/MONEY in a short period of time, was a dead giveaway!
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    Oh, that's the site copy protection kicking in, DF copied some text from this thread and 'we' automatically included that link at the bottom.
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    Yup, I made a bad choice and typed info I shouldn't have....no excuse for that other than I thought it was a necessity to protect others from a scam in progress...
    PS: they have since gone the way of the do-do bird! Bad news travels at the speed of smell!
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