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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by ricdoug, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. ricdoug

    ricdoug Monkey+++

    1 Motorola MT1000 GRMS/FRS Commercial UHF Transceiver for Home Base (Home Base can be CENCOM, or Central Communications in the Field). I also have two 12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC inverters for remote and Mobile Remote charging of the Substations.

    2 Cobra Microtalk GMRS/FRS Transceivers as Substations

    2 TruTalk GMRS/FRS Transceivers as Substations

  2. Bear

    Bear Monkey+++ Founding Member Iron Monkey

    Do you use any kind of Solar/12 volt/inverter array to keep things "juiced up" in the field.....
  3. ricdoug

    ricdoug Monkey+++

    I have a 175 Watt and a 320 Watt 12 Volt to 115 Volt AC Inverter, Bear...

    The Motorola Mt1000 Charger draws 24.2 Watts Max

    The Cobra Microtalk Charger draws 1.2 Watts Max

    The TruTalk Charger draws .9 Watts Max

    All while my 5 Watt Solar Panel Charges the car battery

    You could easily get by with this one for $9.99 bucks:


    and one of these to keep the car battery fresh between idling sessions to conserve gas:


  4. yonder

    yonder No Despot's Servant

    I have FRS for now, but in my neck of the woods ("woods" being the operative word), a VHF system like MURS would be much better. Plus MURS sits on a freq range that is underutilized right now. You can get programmable VHF radios off of eBay pretty cheaply, program them in with the MURS channels, and be done with it. No license necessary, so the family can get in on it with you (try as I might, the wife has no interest in getting her ham ticket).

    So when SHTF and the whole town is clobbering FRS/GMRS and CB, those of us on MURS should hopefully be better off since nobody is really selling MURS-specific radios yet.
  5. ricdoug

    ricdoug Monkey+++

    I may end up adding MURS to my "Comm Center", Yonder...

    as a member of REACT http://www.reactintl.org http://www.seaoastreact.org and National SOS http://www.nationalsos.com I already CB Channel 19 (No one uses channel 9 here anymore) on my Realistic Base and scan the 22 FRS/GMRS frequencies on my Motorola MT1000. It wouldn't hurt to also monitor MURS to relay to the local ARRL during a crisis. Ric
  6. fuzzy

    fuzzy Monkey+++

    why not use ch9 ?of course i haven't used a c.b. in a long time.
  7. ricdoug

    ricdoug Monkey+++

    Channel 9 disapeared around here, Fuzzy. There's still...

    a handfull of CB regulars here (North County San Diego, California). I have a 40 Channel Base (I added an outdoor antenna since this photo) and 2 40 Channel Handhelds. GMRS has gained more popularity http://www.nationalsos.com . Ric


  8. Bear

    Bear Monkey+++ Founding Member Iron Monkey

    Haven't powered up my CB in years.... got a Radio Shack handheld.... used to enjoy listening while I tinkered on the work bench....:D
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