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    One of my tai chi students shared this. It is so true.

    A number of years ago, I took the family to watch Hawaii Theater's Sleeping Beauty Musical. They we so awesome.

    In one of the songs, Wake Me From My Dreaming, the lyrics that stuck with me were, "...there comes a time, when life will teach, and you will learn..."

    To me, that was really powerful. And true.

    Mrs. Hanzo and I talk about life lessons with the monkeys. And one of the things we tell them is that life's tests and lessons get harsher the less you pay attention and learn. Learn your lesson the first time, and it will likely be relatively painless and fleeting. Don't learn and it likely get more painful and more lasting. Keep not learning and it could eventually kill you, or worse, a loved one.

    Anyway, it always bears reminding.
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    Always fine posts, thank you for your positive contribution to the board.

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    Mahalo for your kind words, @stg58.
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    Took a Coast Guard boating safety course one time taught by a wise old enlisted man. He said that experience is a good way to learn, but it had the disadvantage of taking the final exam and then learning the lesson. It made more sense to him and thus to us to learn from other peoples mistakes and hopefully be prepared for the exam.
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    It was my advantage to have an older brother that made many of the usual mistakes growing up, and I learned from him, and many older folk, values that paid off big for me.
    The value here is much the same thing, learning from one another an even sharing the mistakes as well.
    Mistakes don't make us stupid, but repeating them, or ignoring good advise is stupid.
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    A men! Well said.
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