Life without water = economic recovery - It does not exist

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    “You shall be known as Usul, which is the strength of the base of the pillar.” – Stilgar – Dune

    Food and water should be the base of the survival triangle. Since I spoke about different methods of food production in my last post, I want to take the time to talk about water here.

    Water is the foundation of all life. The human body is comprised of 55-78% water, dependant on body type. Water is the lifeblood of civilization. Without it, a body and a civilization die.

    “Never tell me the odds” – Han Solo – The Empire Strikes Back

    One of the basic rules you learn in survival is the “Rule of Threes”:
    3 minutes without air
    3 hours without shelter
    3 days without water
    3 weeks without food
    3 months without hope

    After three days without water, you become dehydrated. One’s heart and respiration rates begin to increase to compensate for decreased plasma volume and blood pressure, while body temperature may rise because of decreased sweating. At around 5% to 6% water loss from normal body functions, one may become groggy or sleepy, experience headaches or nausea, and may feel tingling in one’s limbs (parethesia). With 10% to 15% fluid loss, muscles may become spastic, skin may shrivel and wrinkle (decreased skin turgor), vision may dim, urination will be greatly reduced and may become painful, and delirium may begin. Losses greater than 15% are usually fatal. So you have decreasing odds of survival the longer you go without water.

    “Water, water everywhere, Nor a drop to drink” – The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere – S.T. Coleridge

    The human body needs water. A healthy human adult requires approximately 1 gallon of drinking water per day to survive. This should be the foundation of your preparedness triangle. The base. There are literally hundreds of ways to filter (Burkey, Britta, Pur), chemically sterilize (bleach, iodine), and physically sterilize (straining and boiling, sun sterilization, solar distillation) water.

    This water requirement is for drinking only. I am not including sanitation or cooking. Double the amount for basic sponge baths and cooking needs. We are now up to 2 gallons of water per day for relatively comfortable survival.

    Water can be collected from rain run-off, hot water heaters, surface sources, and if you are lucky wells. Another source of water, especially if you home-can, is from canned vegetables. This water is chock full of water soluble vitamins and minerals that leech out of the vegetables you preserve. Just make sure to watch your salt usage when canning, especially if you are suffering from Hypertension (high blood pressure) now.

    “I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates who said, ‘I drank what?’” – Chris Knight – Real Genius

    You need a source of clean, potable (non-contaminated, drinkable) water. If you live in a city, water can be problematic when the power is down and the local pumping station is offline. The best thing to do – right now – is secure water for yourself and your family. Get jugs, bottles, cans of seltzer (let it go completely flat and you have water), or even fill barrels with water. Calculate how much water you will need for one month, at least, and get it stored. In the event of an extreme emergency, you can fill your tubs for flushing your toilets – no drinking this- there may be soap or chemical residues that can kill you. Always follow the Hurricane Rule of water conservation: if it is yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down!

    “Either get busy living, or get busy dying” – Ellis “Red” Redding – The Shawshank Redemption

    When an event occurs that significantly affects the way you live on a day-to-day basis, any preparations you make today will keep you alive! You may not live in the lap of luxury, but the alternative is far worse. You may perhaps survive long enough to weather the event’s aftermath. You may not. Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. Any lack of the base of the survival triangle, which is food and water, and you may as well use your time wisely, dig a grave and lay down in it. Deaths from starvation or dehydration are horrific.

    As always, pray for the best, prepare for the worst!

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    well written and good info, thanks
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    Yes without water we're sunk. Another good article thank you.
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