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    Lighting has been our latest endeavor. It all started with seeing one antique Dietz lantern at the flea market for $20. I've been wanting a few hurricane/barn-type lanterns for awhile for back ups. My wife couldn't resist the antique look. Turns out it was a heck of a deal and a collectible. Regardless, it was in good enough condition and we are practical people. One internet article later on cleaning up an old Dietz and we were in business. Looks great and works great. While we were shopping for back ups wicks, we noticed the glass oil lamps at Ace. About a week later, we ran into a glass oil lamp at the thrift store for $6. One replacement globe later we had a brand new looking glass oil lamp for a few bucks less the cost of a new one. Visiting the same thrift store, my wife came across a larger glass oil lamp. This one is more suitable for lighting an entire family room. It was intact and a steal at $12 out the door.

    We have bought a few additional packs of wicks and some fine oil. The finer oil is a bit expensive to use on an everyday basis. I would go with kerosene if I was in a location with intemittent power. Here in AZ it is extrmemly rare to be without power. Not a whole lot of lightening storms or other natural disasters. So, for now a gallon or so of fine oil will do us.

    Our lighting needs are met between the 3 oil lamps and 2 Coleman lanterns we own. If you look, great deals can be had on similar old/discarded oil lamps. Keep your eyes open at swap meets, thrift shops, or Craig's List.
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    Dietz lanterns are still made. Though I think the metal bodies are made in China. But they still work great. Look at any Amish supply catalog like Lehmans.
    They run HOT.
    For warm weather we have a few LED lanterns. The light isn't as warm and neither is the room when they're in use.
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