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    These projects look pretty neat. I'm uncertain how the 'download pdf/ebook' works--not sure if you get all or something else. But, each project is clickable and his its own instructions.

    Rain Barrels, Chicken Coops, and Solar Panels
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    Must be a "Pro Member"(paid membership) to download :( Still, there are ways to create your own copies of the instructions by coping and pasting into a word document or another editor.

    Thanks for the link, I spend way too much time on that site :) lots of information and idea's, so little time.
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    This is a great link that has ideas of how-to. Commenting so I can find it later.
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    A nice link, Cato....some excellent ideas and good guidance on how to put them into practice. for non-premium members...copying and pasting or copying the whole webpage is a workable if not very convenient option.
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    I really like the green house made of old windows. I know some people avoid them due to lead paint but I like to recycle and you could find these old windows at most yard sales.
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    Great Link. Thanks
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    Great link! I love seeing how others do things. That site is a major consumer of my time haha
    It's like my grandpa said, "somebody always knows something you don't about something you thought you knew everything about."
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