Listening to Katrina...long read

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    A very nice read on Katrina
    Listening to Katrina


    Please follow links for complete article HURRICANE KATRINA
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    I read a major portion of it and took some notes on some simple things I wasn't doing. One of the things was so obviously that it totally back-handed me in the face. I keep the receipts for any high-value item I purchase, fridge, gun, chainsaw, you name it because I obviously do not trust the blood-sucking insurance company. But, those receipts are in my nightstand not in my canvas briefcase (LandsEnd) with all our important documents (one grab-and-go bag) in the safe. Another thing was I keep two encrypted USB flash drives (Primary and a Backup) with photo copies of all our important documents and accounts and passwords and etc. in the safe but one of those need to be kept off site, probably at a Safe Deposit Box, actually I will purchase a third USB for this purpose.

    I haven't finished reading all of the blog, about half, but it really is worth one's time. The author writes well and you might pick up a few ideas from someone that truly went through it. Thanks @john316 ! A very good read!

    (Note: The USBs I use are APRICORN, 16GB with 256 AES encryption that requires a physical password (up to 15 characters) punched into its keypad. These were recommend from some folks here in the Monkey Tree and was one of the best recommendations anyone has ever gave me. The drives are about $100 each for a 16GB for important document which is more than enough space, and are of very high quality and are totally worth it in my opinion.)
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    @john316 Damn John, this is so interesting I can't stop reading it!
    I find myself growling and muttering some foul words while FEMA and the upper echelons not only refuse to do anything but refuse to approve any of the other agencies to do anything and then the real Americans say screw it and start arriving before Katrina is even finished and without formal approval...
    "While federal, state, and city officials are still standing around wearing their asshats and the Heffalump and Woozle Gang stands around holding their privates, Coast Guard Rear Admiral Bob Duncan is on the job. He is a man with a plan. He didn't just send the helicopters. He is IN one of them."
    "The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries arrives with 250 agents who promptly put their boats in the water in different areas of the city. They start fishing people out of the water without waiting for FEMA to issue them a fishing license. Other volunteers from within the agency join the battle. Lt. Col. Keith LaCaze's operation will rescue 20,000 souls..."
    "...local first responders who were swallowed by Katrina in the dark? They come out of their safe places and launch nearly 200 boats in the first 24 hours..."
    "Wisconsin National Guard is on the way with two Black Hawks and three Hueys... Three Hueys from the Georgia National Guard's 148th Air Ambulance have also self-deployed and begin flying and fly nonstop from sunup to sundown for days. State Police and various sheriffs' departments man rescue boats. Civilian search-and-rescue teams from out of state, and as far away as Canada, respond on their own. A volunteer team from Exxon Mobil activates itself, self-deploys, and starts doing what FEMA hasn't decided to do yet..."

    I never heard this side of the story. I was overseas at the time and didn't get much news and even upon returning stateside (Dec 2014) I never heard this side of it. I knew FEMA had screwed up but I didn't think those screw-ups included failure to act or even make a decision. It has completely changed my decision about the agency and, frankly, I feel they will never have the trust of the people that they serve and those are same people who pays for such, they should be dissolved. It is quite obvious that FEMA was more concerned with protecting itself than saving people.

    Before I am condemn for that comment, I would ask fellow members if they remember the 'massacre at Srebrenica' and if they would 'trust' Dutch soldiers to care and protect their loved ones. I lived in the Netherlands for 6 years, love the land and love the people but I would never and could never put my trust in their military ever again. I know this topic well and it was much the same thing as they followed orders and allowed a massacre which they knew would happen...just like those that FEMA controlled knew thousands were at risk and dying due to lack of even a decision. Does my heart good to know there were a few real Americans, more than a few, that tossed the BS flag and acted.

    I am still reading...
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