Living in fear--or not to.

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    Some would have us live in deep fear for the unexpected and even unthinkable but that is not the way to live. Being as prepared as possible in your physical, emotional, and spiritual lives will alleviate the dread and stress associated with our concerns. Did not use the word fear but concern--for a reason. if you live in fear it is self defeating and detrimental to your health and happiness. Look at the big picture and history. There has always been a remnant in every gross tragedy--even the nukes of WW II. We were married in '73 and have had preps all that time. Am thinking that the time they may be needed is much closer at hand and have "beefed them up a bit". I do not think I have ever actually been in a panic mode even with a hurricane bearing down. We just hunkered down and used our preps to live normally while everyone else around us was panicking--w/o power, water, food, etc. Same in the ice storm a few years back. Some were out of electricity for five weeks. We were out only one week--but we carried on almost w/o any change. My byline says: "Crisis is the absence of preparation". Just prepare to live off grid as best you can and do not worry after that. If you are a prepper then your mind set is already way ahead of the sheeple that will be running around panicking like the "grass hopper" of Aesop's fable. Be that ant of his story--The Bible says: "Look to the ant oh sluggard". Good advice from two directions.
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    We have the power to make many emergencies into inconveniences. We do it by choosing to be prepared for emergencies. If you fail to prepare, you forfeit that power.
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    I think that being prepared is best summed up by the tag line at the Survival Podcast:
    "Helping you live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don't"

    I prepare, or "prep", not to dwell on what can go wrong, but to continue as much as possible as normal if something happens.
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    I think about this much like I think about insurance. I don't pay for car insurance because I plan on getting in an accident. I pay for it to make sure my life doesn't go upside down on the tiny chance it happens. I don't obsess on it, I don't think about it every day, and I don't drive hunched over a tightly gripped steering wheel. It isn't a big part of my life. I set it and forget it, going back to it every so often for maintenance.

    My life is better than 99.9% of humans on earth, and those who ever lived. But my little cocoon of air conditioning, overabundant food and water, transport, and modern day medicine is fragile and depends on everyone else. The world has never gone very long without change - feast and famine, war and peace, hot and cold. It would be foolish to think those cycles are suddenly stop because the universe decided to revolve around me.

    But it would also be foolish of me not to enjoy my brief time here, by letting fear of the unknown dictate how I go about things during the good times. And I do believe these are good times, historically speaking, despite the focus on doom and gloom peddled by CNN and the like.
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    Don't fret worrisome over things you can not control like ISIS/ISIL, taliban, Russians, Chinese, Terrorist.

    Don't worry about things that may come but are highly unlikely, Russians nuking us, Alien abductions, maybe even a super volcano. If those come to pass, I'm not sure I want to be around to experience the after math. So, come what may.

    Worry about things you can control but are not taking steps to mitigate (hurricanes, snow storms, grid down).

    and as @Falcon15 likes to say 'Got Preps?'

    Other than that, you've only got one life to live, might as well live it and not be frozen in fear of what may never happen.
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    I will address this on my next show.
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    I do not "Live in Fear".... I Live, to see what will happen, tomorrow.... Each new day brings, Something New to Learn, Something New to read, and something New to experience... I am ready to meet my maker, if he so chooses, to call me home.... So Death, to Me, is just another New Experience, to be had....
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    You live in the remote expanse of Alaska. I don't think "fear" is even an option. If it is, you kill it and move on.
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    True, True.... There isn't a lot to fear, around here... Especially things that I actually have control over... Things I can't control, will happen, anyway, so why worry, or "Fear" them.... and if I DIE, Tomorrow, Cool, It will open a whole new Realm of Experience.....
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    I too am not afraid. I prepare for everything i do. I make sure i have everything i need before work. When i was in school i would read ahead so i was prepared for class. When i change the oil in my vehicle i prep everything in advance. So it only makes sense to me to be prepared for life. I have assets put away for a raining day (silver rounds and junk silver saved my butt in 2008). I prepare so that i am not afraid unnecessarily. I strive to become more self-reliant so i do not have to depend on any else, except God. I prepare to keep up my responsibility to my family and loved ones.
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    Both parents went through the depression in "29" both two very different experiences both taught me to be mindful of the potential of the future .
    NO generation has ever lived with out some threat of the future .
    Accept it. embrace it , deal with it.
    Each generation has a challenge to DO BETTER THAN THE PREVIOUS GENERATION.
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    10% of life is what happens to you
    90% of life is how you react to it
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