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  1. Nickjlancaster


    Are you in the UK and of the age group that knows who Joey Deacon and Lofty Wiseman are? You would also have watched Blue Peter.

    If you are then you know one of these fellows lost his shoe in the River Thames and the other one was an ex-SAS trooper turned survival specialist.

    Duncan Dares did a whole show on him. I think there was a series on the BBC about a bunch of folks stranded on some islands off Scotland too.

    Does any of this jingle any bells for anyone?
  2. Witch Doctor 01

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    Yes I remember Blue Peter with John Furness and Valeriey Singleton... Not currently in the UK tho... the programI think was castaway 2000 a social experiment Personally i preferred MagPie with Doug Rae, Susan Strank, and Tony Bastable.... but that was forty some years ago...
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