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    What an absolute nightmare!!!

    I have spent many hours and days, trying to figure out the when, where, and how, to accomplish any movement in regards to the land.

    1) I can rent a U-Haul truck and move the entire contents of the storage unit, and then some...from the house and yard as well.
    The costs are only $400.00 for that rental and incidental fuel costs.
    The U-Haul will also pull the larger, 6 person 'travel trailer' up to the site, at the same time.

    2) Where to put the supplies and equipment is a primary concern ( ? )
    We are now looking into several avenues: cargo containers, mobile homes, and old tractor trailers for OTR cargo loads.
    Building as an alternative was discounted for the extreme costs.

    3) There will be a need for at least 2 drivers, 3 drivers being much better.
    1 person, to drive the U-Haul truck,
    1 person, to drive a vehicle to pull the utility trailer to the site,
    and 1 person to provide any back-up in case of vehicle problems, flat tires etc. and to return people, (drivers/helpers), back to Phoenix.

    (Based on the need of at least 4 people, to load, un-load, and move the supplies and equipment from the U-Haul truck, to another area/building for storage.)

    4) Shelter will be required for at least 2 people staying on site.
    (For security and to begin work.) (travel trailer)

    A) The 2 people that would have to remain on the site to begin work on the land, and needed to provide security for each other: (emergencies, etc.) A back-up driver, in case of any emergency, would be required.

    B) There will be an immediate need for a septic/waste disposal system to be implemented. ( only the composting types allowed on the land)

    C) Water supplies will need to be either picked up, or some tank/cistern system provided for delivery. (tanks on trailers are the "norm" for people living in the area)

    D) A shower/bathing system will need to be setup. (most anything with warm water would suffice)

    E) A grey water system needs to be setup immediately. (Oh boy!)

    F) Solar systems/components will have to be put into place and connected for all power needs. ( a nightmare to do with little knowledge)

    G) Radio and communications will have to be set-up and checked for use.
    (easy to set-up, but time consuming)

    Any type of Storage/building, would be the utmost first concern.
    (wind, rain, insects, and vermin proof)

    Plus the requirement for a minimum of 2 vehicles, in operable condition.....
    1) emergency usage....
    2) hauling water, supplies, food, etc., into the area....
    3) hauling of firewood into the site....

    This is where "everything has stalled", for the time being.
    It will be nearly impossible for me to leave here, for any amount of time, as I have more to do and to handle for future purchasing and planning.

    There will be no internet communications from the site for awhile, until we are able to acquire the required power components and batteries, and wireless service there. I have inquired as to the costs and as I understand it, there will be an initial set-up fee of about $300.00 and $60.00 a month for access.

    We have the cellular phones and they work well, able to reach into Phoenix from the site. We also have the ability to recharge them from vehicle batteries or solar chargers...

    The current night temperatures there are still in the low to 30's range.
    Not what we want, to begin working the soil and planting.


    ( "IF" it would help at all,....I could cry!)
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    Chin up! :) What you call a nightmare may just be an unfulfilled accomplishment. [batteye]

    Simplify your view. Look at initial needs and go from there. For example: If you have a secure storage area for stuff, then every trip you can take a little more and, subsequently, do a little more.
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