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    Was wondering what folks here were using for longer distance seeing? In other words, binoculars, monocular, telescopes, etc?? While you could use a rifle scope, it's also possible that not everyone plans on having a rifle with them 24/7, or your survival rifle is a .22LR, which may only have a 1-4 power scope on it (good out to 100 yards or so, less useful for, say, a half mile away).

    I received an e-mail, yesterday, from MidwayUSA, where they're offering some freebies on binocular purchases, and it made me think about the possible requirement for such a thing, especially as I'm getting older, and my eyes aren't quite as sharp as they used to be!

    The knock, of course, being that you have to weigh the power of your "long eyes" against the extra weight that you're carrying. So while a nice pair of 10 x 50 Bushnell binoculars might be nice to have, are they worth the extra almost 2 pounds of weight in your pack, or hanging around your neck??

    Would love to know your thoughts, and what you're using, if anything. Thanks! :cool:
  2. ghrit

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    Around the hacienda, I use 7X50. (Swift optical, surprisingly good glass, inexpensive.) On the go, it is 7X35 Bushnell got as a gift. I am no longer physically steady enough for the 10X50 standard Naval glass, so 7X is something of a compromise. There's also the spotting scope, max of 24X but the field of view is way too narrow for scanning for threats or game.
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    I keep 10X50mm Binocks in the Trucks Center Console, during the Winters.... and when I go out at night, I have a Russian NVG Version 1. I can spot Vessel Running Lights @ 10 miles with those, and the Wheelhouse Compass Light @ 5 Miles, no problem. That is good enough for this AoO.
  4. Airtime

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    A friend of mine made me envious of his remote operated weather proof web cam he mounted near the top of his 110 foot TV/wireless network tower at his home. It connects to his firewalled home network and has a very nice zoom and pan and tilt controls he can operate from a notepad device. Sweet. He can watch cars quite well that are 3 miles away. He can lay in bed and scan the perimeter from an eagle eye perspective. He wants to set up some IR flood lights that would reach out a good ways from the house and he could have eyes on folks even when it's dark. It was about a grand a few years ago. Hmmm...

    Relating to the other recent thread about force multipliers, more eyes in multiple locations is very handy. I am in the process of setting up a higher power wireless network with a 24 db gain exterior antenna and I should be able to connect with a smart phone from a long ways away, quarter mile and hopefully with a laptop with directional antenna, connect from several miles away. Would like a couple cameras in remote locations a half mile away to network back is so they are easy to monitor.

    I think a huge advantage would be FLIR, i.e. thermal imaging. A person in good camo or gillie may be very very hard to detect with conventional optics. Much harder to hide from thermal imaging. Been pondering something like this when I am done with a bunch of other things well ahead of it on the shopping list... well its actually my "what I might buy if I won the lottery list" of course that depends on sometime actually buying a lottery ticket.
    FLIR PathFindIR 30-Hertz NightVision Thermal NTSC Camera for Car / Auto FREE S&H 334-0001-00-LE, 421-0034-00. FLIR Systems Thermal Imaging.
    Oooo... this is sweet:
    FLIR Systems M625 Premium Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera FREE S&H 432-0003-09-00, 432-0003-13-00. FLIR Systems Thermal Imaging.

    Oh well... I'll keep wishing.

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    I've got several different lenses for a variety of aplications. Keep a set of wind river binocs in the center console, a compact set for hunting when I'm packing in, sometimes with a spotting scope too, and for just wandering the hills and hiking half of an old set, I really like the weight savings of a monocular. The monocular I picked up at a yard sale, one side was broken so I took it apart. The ability to see long distance is nice. I like sitting on top of a mountain and glassing the surrounding hills, really helps getting the lay of the land.
  6. NotSoSneaky

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    Have to admit night vision optics would be a huge asset and a thermal monocular or weapon sight an even better advantage.

    If there's a down side to either it'd be the cost.

    Still pricy but a bargin compared to most : Armasight Zeus 4 Thermal Imaging 42mm Rifle Scope

    It's only $4499.00 [OO]
  7. melbo

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    Steiner Merlin 10x50.
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  8. kellory

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    I carry two. One is a 8 power X25mm (I think) monocular, and a 10X30mm Binos (have to check for name)
  9. melbo

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    I also have a pair of Steiner Predator 12x46 in the bag. Little more zoom in a smaller package.
  10. BTPost

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    Nice Glass... Wish I could afford Steiner Optics...... Little to rich for my pocketbook.....
  11. melbo

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    All purchased during a time when I made lots of money. (Sigh)

    Actually always had my eyes on binos by Swarovski. Never happened and not likely to be on the list anytime soon.
  12. BTPost

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    reTIREment doesn't lend itself to lots of extra cash.... just enough to make life comfortable....
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  13. Gafarmboy

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    Gotta agree on the Bushnell's. Affordable and durable. The best they are not, but they get the job done for these old eyes..
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