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    We're considering replacing the refrigerator. I've seen one of the larger gas fridge's in use at a camp and thought it worked well. I'm looking for info from folks who actually use these.

    How stable do they run ?
    Any issue with temprature swings ?
    How cold can the freezer section get ?

    Most importantly (and this answer will depend on local utility rates) How do they compare cost wise with a comparable electrical powered one ?

    I know I'll need a big tank for the gas.

    The less I can depend on "the grid" the better.
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    Here we can get up to 68 days on a BBQ sized propane tank (20 lbs) on the medium sized fridge....Not always though. Depends a lot on the ambient temps....
    That was the past 2 months up to a couple days ago. Usually we only get about 28-30 days per 20 lb bottle. That's with an 19.1 cu ft fridge....(below)

    Propane Gas Refrigerators : LP Gas Refrigerator : Gas Fridge : Absorption Refrigerator : WareHouseAppliance.com
    Diamond Elite DD-19 White :
    The Diamond Elite 19.1 Cu. Ft. White model gas refrigerator features Hidden front mounted controls,Thermostat Controlled Temperatures, Glass interior adjustable refrigerator shelves, Clear plastic deli tray, Clear plastic dual crisper drawers, Clear butter door, Quick Freeze interior freezer shelf, Casters with level legs, Reversible doors, Textured white exterior finish, removable door shelves in the freezer and fridge, and a Battery operated Interior Light (4 "D" size batteries included).This gas refrigerator is rated top level performance and top notch workmanship. Our tests show @ 83 degrees F ambient air temperature with 30% humidity the freezer chilled to -11.4 degrees F and the fridge chilled to 19.4 degrees F $1995.00 + shipping
    Print a Brochure -Page 1, Page 2
    For specifications Click here.

    (Cash, we only paid $1850. and no sales tax!)

    Freezes meat as fast as the 22 cu ft I have here in Phoenix on the grid...NO fluctuations I know of, only needs to have some room over the top for proper venting to allow hot air out, we put in a floor vent and a side wall vent and removed the cabinets in a mobile home for the extra air space. They were too close and kept the freezer from getting good and cold. Now we have the freezer at 30 degrees and the fridge set at 40. We also put the fridge up on 2 x 4's ( raised it 1.5 inches) so that air could flow easier under the unit. So far not a problem.
    IF it runs out of fuel, it takes a bit to get it re-fired again though....
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    Outstanding post dragonfly ! That's exactly the info I was looking for !

    Coincidently that's the same fridge we're considering too !

    Thank you !
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