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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by dragonfly, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Well, stay positive, but carry a big stick.
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    Well I had a longer post typed but lost it with my connection. Short version.....

    While I dont condone their actions either way, sounds like it may only take an occasional presence and maintaining the property to keep it safe.

    Not sure if by 'get up there' you mean for a visit or to move there but if moveing to the location in current/stable times is a viable option then that would be a good thing. I know in a lot of rural areas if your grandparents or at least parents werent born there you are an 'imigrant' and seen much the same as you may view illegals in your neighborhood in the city that dont cause a lot of problems but are still illegals. If you move there AFTER SHTF you likely would have a LOT more trouble with locals who closed ranks with the 'neighbors'.

    If you do get to move there then getting involved in the community with stuff like a volunteer fire department, local clubs/organizations, local church or even just spending time at the local spot for morning coffee can help you overcome the 'imigrant' status a LOT faster and that could be a HUGE boone particularly in a SHTF situation. Most folks in most rural areas I have spent much time still have a real sence of community with those accepted as 'locals' and would come to a locals aid if there was an attack, fire or even just a project needing extra hands but a stranger would likely not do as well.
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    I just had a wrecker pick up my 1989 van ( 15 minutes ago) and take that monster to the transmission shop! As soon as it gets repaired, I'll be going north, and not sure just how long I'll be up there.....My "caretaker" has not called me in 3 days! I wonder what that could mean.....
    I'll take my son with me, and we will do what we can for about a week or two, less if things are ok, more if they aren't.....
    It's become a wait and see thing now.......
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    Better the enemy you know than the one you don't. Keep your caretaker unless he's hitting you rather than the "neighbors" and let the sheriff know you know. John Law has been known to let things go a LONG time to build a case, and establishing that you know something is up (but not necessarily what it is) will stand you well when the time comes.

    YMMV, uv cuss.
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    Built my home N/W of phoenix in wittmann, there are familes that have been living in the area for 20-30 years, not the best of humanty. Used a cargo container for storage till the fence was done & dogs were free to run. I would give the sheirff Dept. a heads up.
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    Funny you should mention that...
    They contacted the Maricopa county sheriff's office here, found I am on permanent medical leave from there, and have a son there as well. They wanted to check me out first, then called me!
    Seems they have some serious doubts about some reports the "caretaker" has filed with them since being there from September 2009.
    Questions, to which I have no answers.....
    It is strange.......
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    And LOTS OF THEM!!!
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    Gotta luv em!
    Quite effective in sorting the "wheat from the chaff"!
    About 2 dozen of those would be a nice perimeter......
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    sounds like a tv show[loco]
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    The saga continues......,no film at eleven though!
  13. No easy fixes, but if you can't afford it, then consider making up a bunch of fake "security cameras" and letting your "caretaker" know that they record and send off site so you can watch the place also while away. Tell him it is to "help him keep things safe".

    Then grab some cardboard and paint and rig up the fakes.

    Better yet would be a few of those cameras that let you watch via internet if that is a cost effective option.

    Criminals and jbt's fear cameras more than guns these days. I had a friend who put it this way:

    JBT"s fear cameras like vampires fear the sun and stakes.

    I would like to hear how this works out for you. Best of luck.

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    One word "backhoe"
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    The best solutions would be the illegal ones.
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