Low risk covert knife.

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    This is used by me so as to not abuse the fine blade BEAR made.


    It is a bit expensive for a clunker but it is strong and serves my purpose of cutting the thorny stems of the Cockle Burrs that migrated to my place due to the floods.

    Good for digging cat holes too for you campers, deadly sharp and to boot it is a Garden Tool.

    Just a camping tool you left in you Truck should any one ask.

    Amazon.com : Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool With Stainless Steel Blade & Sheath : Hunting Knives : Patio, Lawn & Garden
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    The 'made in Japan' Hori Hori has excellent reviews.
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    im kinda stunned i just use this in the garden .... its a real knife? lol
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    On this line of knives I have recently acquired a few Air Force Survival Knives of varied vintage.

    Good steel is to be found without breaking the bank and excellent types for BOB are easy to find.

    One is from the 1980s and was made in Japan as a US Contract. Not yet in my hands but I'll bet the $16 was well spent.

    On another Air Force Survival Knife I have the blade was shortened and now has a spear point. It cost a princely sum of $14. It had no takers so I was able to bid it down on ebay and since it was a 4 inch blade it now sets well in a recent acquired nylon sheath with a poly liner. This knife is a Ontario with a 8-76 date mark.

    Both knives will be gifted to family that are just now getting serious about prepping and along with both will go a Diamond Rod as well as the sheath stones.
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