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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Yard Dart, May 16, 2018.

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    So, many of you know my wife moves elderly folks to assisted living facilities and such.
    Yesterday she mentioned that she was doing a clean out on a home and found a couple of old machetes. My first statement was bring them home.... and she asked why. Told her I would find a project or two for them.

    Question of the day, what kind of weapons could you field improvise with a machete found on the side of the trail? What would you create out of it if you had it today, or post SHTF?

    With my current shop:

    In the field:


    How would you approach this opportunity to create a weapon for defense/offense?
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    Improvised weapons goes back to the earliest man, and is one of the most important skill we have, so much so that it should be considered Primal! What we have with us in the moment of need can literally mean the difference between life and death, often in a gruesome manor! This skill set can never be allowed to wan, it must be practiced endlessly so that in the moment of need, you will give your self the best chance you can have! Every thing can be made into a tool or weapon if you know the ways and the how's and you practice!
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    I created mine a pump shotgun -- well, modified to my specs and roll my own shells .

    I have made a few knives from flint knapping when I was a kid and we were all into Indian crafts made moccasins a quiver even made a bow and did a lot with raw hide and sinew there is too much stuff to recycle like steel rod leaf springs pipe and steel cable and build some very powerful weaponry, In India home made crossbows that can take elephant and tiger made from parts off of old land rovers.
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    Always loved pictures of the real spears used in olden times in Germany, the hunting ones have a sharp point and then a cross stop to keep the prey at the end of the spear and not go thru the animal and let it get to you before it died. Spears look very simple, but as some members here will testify like knives they are actually very complex. Machetes are very useful and their cousins the brush hook is even more so. Hard to live in the country without the hoe, axe, shovel, grub hoe, machete, brush hook, etc. So easy to find now at yard sales etc, often the old ones are of higher quality then you can buy now, and invaluable now and even more so if SHTF. I recently bought a good old brush hook at a yard sale for $1, a logging supply near me gets $69 for a good Council brand one. In New England a lot of the old machetes are corn knives and were designed to cut corn stalks and came in two styles, one with a straight blade and a square tip, the other hooked and with a longer handle. I guess some people liked one style and some the other, might be nice to try both now when you have the chance rather than being forced to use what is available. Some tools, the corn husking hook that fits on your hand for example, are cheap now, have disappeared from the scene, and are invaluable if it came back to harvesting by hand. Again there are several different styles and it would be nice to know which one you prefer before you have to harvest 5 acres of corn by hand. As a kid, 75 years ago, big disagreement was if you should snap corn, leave husk on when harvesting, or husk in field. Have to remove husk before storing or it will not dry properly in crib, but individual ears will dry if hung like onions. .
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    I have been making knives since dad let me use the bench grinder 6-7-8 years old.
    I don't see the fascination with knives so much any more since they are so easy to make.
    I do however create tools and equipment for my self regularly, like some people do cross word puzzles. The problem with this skill ,is that you tend to collect all relevant materials that you use in all these processes . Steel is worth more to me than gold. so to speak. certainly willing to accept all the scrap gold any one want's to send me.
    Not every one seems to have the creative gene .
    There are leaders and there are followers.
    Some folk are fearful of failure, and others use failure to make miracles.
    I am not afraid of investing in an education ,learning what makes things work and why they fail.
    I may never ever need a ram pump , but I have successfully invested in the materials and made them and know how they work .
    I was able to share with a friend that needed one, and now he is able to take advantage of my discovery.
    If all one invest in is self serving, I believe that they are missing out on life.
    I don't need a bow drill for making fire ,but I took the time to learn how, and now I have confidence in the process as much as any other method of fire making .
    I have made a few machines that I was not completely satisfied with their performance, and through that discovery learned better ways to do things .
    Knowing how to weld plastics has it's advantages, far better then using glues that may or may not be a permanent solution.
    Most people here on this forum are already innovators because they want to learn, but it does not hold true with the general population .
    So be weird to the world . it's OK .
    IMO if I am modifying a machete for something for other then it's intended design, It would probably be a short sword .
  7. AxesAreBetter

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    Honestly depends on what I need to flesh out the arsenal. Might chop it down in a naginata/glaive and keep the handle end for a fighting knife, could use it it make other stuff, such as bow, or save it to trade. Not a lot of modification to a machete I would make...I either like it as is, or would only keep it for parts(say, for retempering or such).
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    In my area one always needs a machete so it is something I have in my vehicle all the time.
    As far as a sword I think I can give them a run for their money with my bullwhip. and at a longer distance it also works as a in close quirt (blackjack) well I practiced with it all through my youth so I can do some tricks with one. now if your attacked en mass well your butt is grass --know what I mean Vern

    Here is a great pro gun safety commercial he made --not.

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    Knife was in years past an excellent teaching tool for young adults, metal, wood, forging, grinding, polishing, heat treating, sharpening, etc. and we were all interested in learning. Grandad started with a file and when I cold get it half way good, he moved on to an old Swedish cross cut saw for steel. Made butcher knives, cleavers, paring knives, corn knives, and I can't remember what else with him. Haven't made one in years and never was able to make one that compared to the USAF survival knife in all around design and which I still use.
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    I knew Bishop was going to have something to post here , and was looking forward to seeing it,,,,
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    Most excellent!!
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