Make the most of a rainy night

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    Preppers' delight.

    With thunderstorms in the forecast, I told the monkeys that they could pretend to have a power outage. They (and I) could play with flashlights and it would be a good drill. We do that from time to time and they actually are happy when we have one.

    The little monkey is a flashaholic light dad, so she got into it. The big monkey played with her for a little while, read, and went to sleep early (side benefit).


    We have been using our lights on the lowest setting in candle mode. Bright enough and preserves battery life.

    With the thunderstorms actually here, I thought I would take a beam shot outside. Was rushing so it came out lousy. But that modified Fenix PD35vn was blazing. It is dark out. And I aimed upward. The spill lit up outside like day. And I was hoping to catch some lit up rain.

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    Drills are always a good idea.
    "modified Fenix PD35vn" Ok ya got me. Modified how please ?
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    Take one of your gallon jugs of water and place a head lamp facing toward the jug... turn it on and...Voilà area lighting for a table/small room.... Saves batteries and gives enough light to play cards or for more than one person to read a book...
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    Modified by Vinh Nguyen. How is beyond me, buy it is throwing out in excess of 1,400 lumens on turbo. For something about the size of a mini mag lite, that is pretty nuts.

    Thanks, I am familiar with that. Just wasn't much sitting around. Little monkey was dragging me all over. And she wanted the lights as dim as possible. It was her "adventure." When low was too bright, she had us cover the lights with red bandanas to make it dimmer. Bandanas are handy too.

    Oh, and yellow flagging tape makes I cool diffuser too.
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    Am going to the LEDs every time we buy new. Still have several bulb types but they drain batteries much faster. Trick I saw was using 1054/1157 auto tail/turn lights. Lots of light and low drainage. Train not using lights--you will be amazed at how well you can see once your eyes adjust to the darkness(takes 20-30 minutes).
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    True. Used to spar in the dark. Got hit more than usually that way.
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    Luke's Lightsaber Training:

    Use the farce, Luke!;)
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