Man points gun at customers back during robbery

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by badkarma, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. badkarma

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  2. E.L.

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    The little hispanic customer was so un-alert and un-aware of his surroundings it was incredulous. He clearly sees the robber has a rifle pointing at the clerk and he walks right up to get a closer view. Then, he stands there when he has plenty of time to retreat to the back of the store, walk out the front door, or bash the head in of the robber with one of those cans of coke he is carrying. You could tell by his mannerisms he was not an alpha male, and was looking to be a victim. His threat condition was "la-la land". Claxton bells would have been going off in my head. Good God. Thankfully nobody was hurt.
  3. ghrit

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    I am not too sure why, but I avoid convenience stores except during what I know are rush hours for the one in my neighborhood. Might have something to do with exactly what that vid showed. You hear less of bank robberies than of places like 7-11, they seem to be more of an easy target. Situational awareness counts. (That particular BG let too much show, he's for sure going to be IDed. Not the brightest bulb.) And you are right, EL, that little guy was out to lunch the whole time. If he had been you or me, or anyone of a slew of others, the outcome would have been different. At the very least bolting for the door would have been prudent.
  4. badkarma

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    once the BG put him on the floor with the muzzle on his spine, it was all over. there's no WAY i'd lay down. i'd back away, or something else...but i decided a LONG time ago i'm never getting on the floor or going to the back room.

    i'll take my gunshot right there in the open where someone MIGHT hear it/see it/render aid and call 9-1-1 to get me some help. in the "back room" you bleed out.
  5. kckndrgn

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    :shock: WOW, JUST WOW!

    Not only is the little hispanic guy totally unaware of his surroundings, so are the two ladies behind the counter. They did not notice the guy walking up until he was at the counter.
  6. E.L.

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    The BG was also un-aware of his surroundings. As long as it took for him to acknowledge the little hispanic guy, anyone could have walked up behind and stuck their Old Timer or Benchmade in his neck or ear. I do not go in convenience stores very often either, and not ever at night. At the minimum my Kel-Tec would be out and he would be on the ground, with or without perforations.

    Anybody recognize that rifle he was carrying? M-1 Carbine with a folding stock?
  7. ghrit

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    M1A, I think. Couldn't tell about the stock. Pretty pricey holdup gun, if so.
  8. badkarma

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    could have been a mini-14. the guy was pretty calm too.
  9. E.L.

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    He looked like this wasn't his first "rodeo".
  10. RouteClearance

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    :shock:What A "Sheeple".
  11. CBMS

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    man, what a friggin idiot. Seems like he still wanted to buy his drinks while the guy was robbing the place. I bet if he could he woulda asked for change.
  12. ghrit

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    Stupid is as stupid does, eh? [beer]
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