Marbles Knives Tactical Combat Survival Entrenching Tool

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    I've been looking for another E-tool and saw the Marbles (as titled), it looks pretty good to me. Does anyone have one? Used one? Seen a review? Price looks right but you never know.
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    SOG entrenching tool for less than $20: SOG Entrenching Tool - $17.99 : Moore Prepared, Emergency Preparedness Food and Supplies

    I never heard of the "Marbles" entrenching tool before.

    Here's the Cold Steel Special Forces E-Tool (about $24):
    Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel 92SFS

    Lots of good solutions and some poor ones. I never liked the folding shovels, but some guys love 'em. The Spetsnaz style with wooden handle is a favored type, also.

    pick. I use a U.S. Army pick, for instance. Your mileage may vary.
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    Thanx to Brokor for the reply.
    I think the confusion lies in the 'description' which was from an eBay seller who was obviously utilizing the category for sales. This morning I found two other shovels by Marble's. The one in question has a pick and a rigid handle that assembles. The others are: a folding shovel and a firefighters, as in forest fires, short handled spade/machette and is painted bright red. I found the firefighter's model on Amazon, the others were found on this link: Marbles Folding Shovel With Pick #237 - Shovels, Axes & Hatchets .
    I don't know anything about that particular seller.
    Was a time anything that was made by Marble's was an automatic good for quality, if not, utility. Now days, who can tell?
    If anyone has any experience with the aforementioned I'd be happy to hear about it.
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