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    Patriot videos, for your viewing pleasure. Please donate a couple dollars if you decide to freely download. I would like to see this site remain active!

    Click here for the site index: Dprogram Films

    List of most recent (popular) videos available:

    Police State 4: Police State 4: The Rise of Fema « Dprogram Films

    HAARP (Angels Don't Play This HAARP): Angels Don’t Play This Haarp: Advances In Tesla Technology « Dprogram Films

    9-11 Chronicles: 9/11 Chronicles Part 1: Truth Rising « Dprogram Films

    Camp FEMA: Camp Fema: American Lockdown « Dprogram Films

    Invisible Empire: Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined « Dprogram Films

    Power of Nightmares: The Power of Nightmares – Adam Curtis « Dprogram Films

    Hidden Agenda, The Fluoride Deception: Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception – Dr. Stanley Monteith « Dprogram Films

    Matrix of Evil: Matrix of Evil « Dprogram Films

    American Drug War: American Drug War: The Last White Hope « Dprogram Films

    9-11 Road to Tyranny: 911 the Road to Tyranny « Dprogram Films

    Police State 3, Total Enslavement: Police State 3: Total Enslavement « Dprogram Films

    The Obama Deception: The Obama Deception – Alex Jones « Dprogram Films

    Kymatica: Kymatica « Dprogram Films

    Endgame: Endgame « Dprogram Films *Must see*

    The World According to Monsanto: The World According to Monsanto « Dprogram Films

    America, Freedom to Fascism: America: Freedom to Fascism – Aaron Russo « Dprogram Films *must see*

    Money as Debt: Money As Debt « Dprogram Films

    War Made Easy: War Made Easy – Sean Penn « Dprogram Films

    Banking With Hitler: Banking With Hitler « Dprogram Films

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised « Dprogram Films

    JFK II, The Bush Connection: JFK II

    Bloodlines of the Illuminati: 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati « Dprogram Films

    Operation Hollywood: Operation Hollywood « Dprogram Films

    The Other Israel: The Other Israel « Dprogram Films

    The Capitalist Conspiracy (G. Edward Griffin): The Capitalist Conspiracy – G. Edward Griffin « Dprogram Films *must see*

    There are many, many others at this location also --this is just a short list of the most popular I have recommended.
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    Titles sure sound nice and educative!...Thanks!
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    Well, 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati took up my entire day with the 3 hour video and the subsequent research. LOL!
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