May 2011

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    Today I finished planting the Garden. The Alfalfa food plot is ready for the first cutting. This means at least 4 to 5 cuttings of Alfalfa for the rabbits. There will not be much need for Pellets this year. I planted our first Field corn crop so here's to hoping for a good harvest of corn so I can feed my birds from our own land as well. We have been working at a lightning pace and its wearing me out. Finished the Garage and now finishing repairs on the pedal powered pontoon boat. We pulled 30 stumps so far to expand the garden area to a full acre. Food plots and 20 apple, pear,peach and Cherry trees all in and doing well. This fall we will have deer inside the perimeter. The transplanting of Black Locust went real well early this spring with over 100 of the nasty thorn trees growing up front to help keep out strangers and give cover to deer coming to the apple trees and food plots. The Wife and I even found some time to catch 300 Bluegills for the freezer and sight in our newest rifle a Stag Arms AR-15. Well, back to work. Kingfish
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    Wow you and wife have really been working hard. Good luck with it all.
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