megadisasters end of oil..

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  1. Tango3

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    doom, doom:
    60 minutes or so, history channel show covering peak oil last5 minutes present a total collapse scenario:
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    I guess at some point the environmentalists in America will have to decide what will do more damage to natural wonders they scream about when we want to drill for oil , a possible regional oil spill or a Global Nuclear War .

    As much as all of this is interesting and perahps factual in the future the oil companies are just using this as a scare tactic to justify their greed and raping of the American economy .

    While we all know the politicians do not now nor ever will have the wisdom to fix anything , yet I have faith that the same wealthy greedy people who control the oil companies wont give up their posh lifestyles so easily .

    They will throw just enough of their wealthy into developing something else that will keep us going to avert all of this dooms day provided some new ambitious inventor doesn't .

    Wind , Solar and biofuels all have been around a very long time yet experimentation and developement of them more or less stalled when oil came along and as we run low if it even happens in the next 100 years new break throughs with the other alternatives will provide .
  3. Tango3

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    Jeez can't a guy just roll around in the doom???
    Thanks for the counterpoint; wish I shared your optomistic conviction...
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    Nothing known to man even comes close to providing the energy that oil does in such a small volume. What else will move a 3000 lb SUV 60 miles/hr down the road. A gallon of gas wieghs 8-9lb's and and that gallon will move that 3000 lb SUV 20 miles down the road. What else is capable of doing that?

    The list of things that oil is used for is endless. What else will cover all the things it's used for??? This country and alot of others as well have gotten to this point in time on the backs of cheap oil. Now the oil fields are aging and with all things that age are slowing down. But demand is on the increase. Are we out of oil, no but the ablity in which to meet demand is decreasing. As with all things it'a a matter of supply and demand. IMHO the[shtf]

  5. Tango3

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    That's exactly my interpretation, That and the almost inconceivable amount pissed away by the world ( read " Us"and now China, since they are spinning up their consumerist lifestyle).I don'tcare if oil is "abiotic" it is not going to replenish itself at 84mb/d...I heard ford has decided to"quit producing gas-guzzling SUV's"; whatever that means to them.[beat]
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